Writeups and Breakups!

Emma Hyland and Allyssa McKay are just two normal High school students. Emma is 15 years of age and is dating Niall Horan. Ally is also 15 and finally gets to date Liam Payne. Though Emma's X-boyfriend Zayn Malik keep[s abusing emma at school and her friends find her crying on the floor in tears. What will happen with ally and Liam's relationship?
will Zayn ever try to get better and take emma back with him or will she stay with Niall?? read the story to find out!!


13. Returning back to school.

*3 Weeks later*

it was a warm sunny morning and Emma was finally going to come back to School, but with her mum walking her into school. Her mum had walked her into the office and told the guidance teachers and office people that Emma might have some troubles in school because of an injury. Her mum had also told her that if something happens, that she's able to call her at any time. Right after that, Emma's mum gave her a hug, then left for work. Niall, Liam and Allyssa have been hanging out in the cafeteria for the morning. Emma walked up to allyssa and Niall and Liam, and said "hey friends I'm back!" Ally was so excited she gave her a huge hug. Both Niall and Liam gave her a hug as well for finally coming back to school.

Niall P.o.v:

I'm glad that Emma is finally back to school. I've missed her so so much and I actually had no idea what happened to her in the halls during that class until Liam and Allyssa had told me. God I was so angry about that. I know she might have a hard time remover what we had but I'm going to help her through this. I Will help her out.

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