Writeups and Breakups!

Emma Hyland and Allyssa McKay are just two normal High school students. Emma is 15 years of age and is dating Niall Horan. Ally is also 15 and finally gets to date Liam Payne. Though Emma's X-boyfriend Zayn Malik keep[s abusing emma at school and her friends find her crying on the floor in tears. What will happen with ally and Liam's relationship?
will Zayn ever try to get better and take emma back with him or will she stay with Niall?? read the story to find out!!


2. new friend

Niall's P.O.V

Emma seemed like a really nice girl, but when she smiled at me she had that look on her face like she was sad or mad about something that might of happened. though I had just met her so I didn't know much about her other than she is in my math class and now she has the same lunch as me. I also liked her brown eyes. 


Emma's P.O.V

I thought Niall was cute to be honest. but I am kind of shy when it comes to being friends with a guy i just recently met. I liked his hair and his eyes. but then again I was still upset about the 1 week break up thing with Zayn which i'm scared to talk to Niall about if we become close friends.  


Well Niall was walking with me to lunch because he had offered to walk me to lunch down to our school's cafeteria. My best friend ally had already ran down to lunch to save us all a table. Ally is so nice, i like her. As I was walking i noticed that Niall kept staring at my hand then back up at my eyes. a minute later Niall had reached down and held my hand! I was kind of shocked by that because I didn't know what this meant between us at first. I looked up and Niall then I pulled my hand out of his hand. Niall just grinned but i don't think it made him that sad. He still looked like his Happy ol' self. Soon enough me and Niall had made it to lunch and had sat next to Ally and her friends. All three of us got up and bought lunch. it was pizza topping day! I take it Niall really likes pizza because he bought two whole slices of pepperoni pizza. i had the original cheese pizza with chocolate milk and a small bag of salt & vinegar chips. i wasn't that hungry today because i was stilled bummed about my break up with Zayn. In my perspective i really shouldn't still be sad about it because it did just happen a week ago and i was with my bestie Ally and a new guy friend Niall. As we were all sitting at the lunch table, I searched the room for Zayn my ex boyfriend. I saw him with two other guys a few tables behind mine. I tried not to focus on Zayn and to just chill and eat lunch with my friends. I heard Niall make a funny joke about something but i didn't quite hear because i was sitting in front of Niall and my mind was focused on my surroundings and well 'Zayn'. Well Lucn had quickly ended and we all headed off to our last class, Gym class. (what a great way to end a friday right?!) well both Ally and Niall Horan were in my gym class. and believe it or not so was Zayn Malik. when we got to the Gym we all separated, the guys went to there locker room and us girls went to our locker room. It only took a minute or two for us to change up. I watched ally skip out of the locker room while I just walked out. just as I had gotten out i saw both Niall and Zayn. They both looked great! (wait! ... did i say 'both' as in Zayn and Niall? wow..) I measly walked over to Niall and gave him a hug, but we were 'just friends' I saw Zayn give me an intense stare down like he was mad at me. Does Zayn possibly still have little feelings for me? i hope not because i feel as though I have tried to move on and maybe he should as well. Okay well Gym class was short today. we ran laps, stretched, then played around with a Frisbee. after all that our gym teacher made us jog 2 laps before we changed out of our gym clothes and back into our school clothes. it was really exhausting but I'm sure we all had a lot of fun. It was good exercise for us all. anyways we all changed again then waited for the last bell to ring. a minute later it did. I guess everyone was exciting to get out of school for the weekend because they almost pushed me over. actually someone did push me over as they ran passed me it was a mean girl who has always had a bad attitude. I Tripped and fell. second later i saw Niall and Ally rushing over to me. "oh my gosh! Em, you alright sweetie?" asked Niall. "Yea i'm okay guys, just tripped nothing bad or anything." I answered. Ally helped me up and so did Nialler. After that we all started laughing but i was the first to stop laughing because well, Zayn and Niall were both on my mind and i was in think mode. The three of us walked out of school with Zayn Malik walking close behind me. (why does he have to act this way after our break up?) Well Ally said she was free saturday and so was Nialler so we decided that we were all going to go hang out this Saturday. "Sounds like a plan" ally said to us. "Yeah cool idea Nialler." was my response. Niall just smiled and then we all started laughing again. Then an angry Zayn walked by me and looked at me and said "I can't believe you Emma!" then he just walked off and didn't say a word nor did he look at me. 


Zayn's P.O.V: 

I can't believe her, my Emma laughing with another guy? like I know we had a big argument and we broke up and all but at some point I was gonna apologize to her and say sorry about screaming at her but she was yelling at me when I was trying to explain something to her. Sometimes I wish to take her back someday. 

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