Writeups and Breakups!

Emma Hyland and Allyssa McKay are just two normal High school students. Emma is 15 years of age and is dating Niall Horan. Ally is also 15 and finally gets to date Liam Payne. Though Emma's X-boyfriend Zayn Malik keep[s abusing emma at school and her friends find her crying on the floor in tears. What will happen with ally and Liam's relationship?
will Zayn ever try to get better and take emma back with him or will she stay with Niall?? read the story to find out!!


9. Back to school

I had just walked into school when I started to cry again. I just stood there crying. I don't know what came upon me but I was in school and was crying so I dropped my stuff and ran off to the P.A.C (performing arts center) I ran in there and hid away from everyone. Niall was really worried, he didn't even see me run in there so he spent all morning trying to find me. I honestly just wanted to be alone, thats why I hid. 

Ally P.O.V:

Niall frantically ran up to me and Liam in the hallway. He looked really worried. "Wait! where has Emma been all morning? she missed first class!" I said to niall. Niall grabbed my shoulders and Liam let go of me and stepped away. "Ally!, I am really worried about her! I was just with Em this morning when we walked into the school, then she ran off somewhere crying! please help me find her?!?" Niall had said sadly. "okay niall, I will help you." I answered Ni. "Want me to help you to mate?" asked Liam. "yeah, please?" asked Niall. "Yea we can yelp you mate!" said Liam.


So then the three of us skipped next class until lunch to go find Em who ran off this morning. Ally had walked into the p.a.c thinking emma was gonna be in there. "Hello?" there was no answer. So ally tried again, "hello? emma?" there was still no answer so she walked around looking for her. Ally didn't hear anything, it was to silent. so she walked out. "Niall, i'm worried I can't find her." said ally to Niall. "let me try, love." said Niall. so then Niall walked into the p.a.c Ni had his guitar with him because he had just come from Music class. "Emmy? princess? you in here?" questioned Niall, once he got into the P.a.c. he heard a ruffling noise. he grinned. "emmy, please come out." asked Niall. so then Emma stood up and from her hiding place and stood next to the side stage door and said, "Nialler, you alone?" "Yes princess, i'm alone and worried about you." answered Niall. "so will you please come out so i can talk to you emma!" asked Niall. then emma got up and walked over to niall and hugged him tight and started to tear up again. "Emmy! please don't cry, whats wrong? is it zayn again?! come here.." said niall. "Sorry Ni, its just Zayn really scared me and i know we just went over this last night, but i'm still worried he might come back and abuse me again." answered emma. "He won't come back em, i promise!" answered niall. "you sure niall?!" questioned emma. "i'm sure sweety." answered niall. So then niall took emmas hand and they both walked out to where ally and liam were and they all went and sat near the office. "So you gonna be okay Emma?" asked Liam. "Liam, not to be mean, but i think emm just needs down time, okay bro?" answered niall. "okay mate." answered Liam. Then withing 15 minutes school finally ended and Liam took Ally home and stayed over again, and Niall took emma home to comfort her, again because of all the crap Zayn put emma through, with him abusing her just to try to get emma away from niall but failing at it. Emma fell asleep on the ride home so Niall had to carry her inside and lay her down on her couch. A minute later Liam had texted Niall saying he just got ally home but was staying over tonight. Niall said it was fine. so that night niall sang emma another goodnight song that she loved<3. 

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