Sibling love

I'm Naomi Elise Tomlinson, yes Louis Tomlinson of one direction's younger sister. We get along great, but when I move in with him and his friends in their London penthouse, things happen. What happens if I fall in love? What will louis say if I tell him the truth? And what will I do if I have to make a life changing decision? My life is hard, but if disaster strikes will everything change?


6. Leaving.

Louis' P.O.V

I got back with the coffee fifteen minutes later. "I bring coffee!" I announce walking into the hospital room. I walked over to the bed where Niall and Naomi were sitting. "Thanks Lou." Naomi took her coffee and kissed my cheek. "Should we make it official?" Naomi asked. "What?" Niall asked. "Us, you leprechaun!" She laughed. "Is that ment to be an insult?" I asked. "Or you could wait until we go on that American talkshow next week!" I suggested. "You guys are going to America next week? When was I gonna find out?" She asked. "We were gonna leave when your sleeping!" I joked. Me and Niall cracked up at her expression. "I was gonna tell you tonight but then you went and got hit with a car." "So it's my fault I almost DIED!" She sassed. "Yes!" I answered. "I'm going to sleep, goodnight Niall," she kissed him" goodnight Louis!" She patted my head. "Don't do that!" I whined. "Fine I won't touch your hair!" She laughed. "I ment kiss, it's disgusting!" I moaned. "Goodnight!" She laughed.

Eleanor's P.O.V

The boys were leaving for America. "I arrived at the airport to see Naomi, Perrie and the boys waiting for the flight. "Hi, Naomi are you ok?" I asked. "Yep, I'm fine!" She smiled. This was going to be hard on her. Me and Perrie have seen the boys leave for tours and stuff before so we know how to take it but, this is the first time since her and Niall got together that the boys have left. Paul walked over to us. "Boys your plane is leaving in a minute so say your goodbyes!" He warned. I smiled at Lou and kissed him. "Goodbye, I love you!" I told him. "Love you too." He said hugging me tight. I watched as Naomi and Niall said goodbye. "I love you!"







She said tears in her eyes. "Love you too." He kissed her lightly. Lou walked over and hugged her tightly. "Love you." He kissed the top of her head. "Love you too Lou!" She laughed. The boys walked away towards the gate.As we waved I could see tears sliding down Naomi's face. 

"Perrie, did you hear what she and Niall sai?" I squealed. "What?" She asked confused. "He said he loves her!" I grinned. Naomi walked over to us. "Ni, are you crying?" I said as me and Perrie hugged her. She wiped her eyes. "When did Niall tell you he loved you?" I asked. "When I was in hospital!" She smiled. We walked towards the exit and out to my car. 

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