Sibling love

I'm Naomi Elise Tomlinson, yes Louis Tomlinson of one direction's younger sister. We get along great, but when I move in with him and his friends in their London penthouse, things happen. What happens if I fall in love? What will louis say if I tell him the truth? And what will I do if I have to make a life changing decision? My life is hard, but if disaster strikes will everything change?


5. Disaster.

Niall's P.O.V

"Hey gorgeous!" I said rapping my arms around Naomi's waist. I kissed the top of her head lightly. We had been dating for three weeks. "Hey, I'm going to El's tonight me, her and Jayde are having a sleepover." He smiled her lovely smile. She pecked my lips lightly. "Yuck! I always walk in at the wrong moment." Lou exclaimed. Naomi laughed at him, ruffling his hair. "I'M LEAVING!" Naomi yelled. "You want a lift?" I asked. "Sure." Lou grabbed my arm before I left. "She really likes you, she told me." She smiled. "Lou, I think I love her." He stared at me. "God this is awkward, ok but be good to her!" he wiggled his eyebrows causing me to laugh. I walked out to my car where Naomi was sitting in the passenger seat. I  got  in and started driving. "You know I think your the best boyfriend ever." she smiled. " You know I think your the most beautiful person alive." I grinned. She hopped out of the car and ran across the street. Out of nowhere a car crashed into her. She fell to the ground. I jumped out of the car and fell to my knee's beside her. The driver was already calling an ambulance. The ambulance arrived moments later, sirens blaring. I got into the back of it with her. I didn't let go of her hand until they took her away into the operating room. I started sobbing into my hands. I took out my phone and texted Louis. 

Louis' P.O.V

I got a text from Niall saying to come to the hospital. All I could think about was Naomi. I got into the car with the others and texted El to bring Jayde with her to the hospital. i arrived and made my way to reception. sitting in the waiting room was a crying Niall. "What happened?" I asked. "She... got .. out ... of ... the ... car ... and ... she ...hit!" he said between sobs. A  tear slipped down my cheek. A docter came into the room. "Anyone for Naomi Tomlinson, follow me." he said. We all stood up and followed him into a room where Naomi was sitting up on a bed. Me and Niall ran over to hug her. I embraced her in a big hug kissing her forehead. When I let go, Niall hugged her and she kissed his lips. Both of us stayed sitting on the bed. Eleanor and Jayde ran into the room. They did a group hug and kissed her cheeks. "Thank God, I didn't break anything!" Naomi exclaimed. At 10 the docter came in and told us only two people could stay the night. "Louis and Niall are staying with me." she told us all. After we said bye to the others, I left to get us Starbucks. 

Naomi's P.O.V

When Louis left, Niall turned to me. "Naomi, I love you." he smiled. "I love you too." I smiled as he kissed me  passionately. We stayed holding hands when Lou came back and we held hands all night. I am truly, madly deeply falling, foolishly completely in love with Niall Horan.


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