who will you choose?

When Valentina makes a guest appearance for her old childhood friend the princess she doesn't know that she will pretend to be the princess while the real one runs away?! She soon catches the eyes of four princes and will have to pick, or will she? I will make alternate endings for each of the princes. XD I've always wanted to do this. ;P


1. Gone

        Valentina looked at the invitation and back to the room for the third time. It said to come here...so why isn't Lissa here? She looked at the room and found that somehow she had overlooked a small note in the center of the room on a table. She picked it up and read it.

        Dear Val,

  If you hate me after you read this I don't mind. In fact, I deserve it. Do you remember when we went to the market last week and I met that boy? Well, I want you to know that I have eloped with him and am now living happily on the countryside, away from royalty. I really hate asking you this but will you take my place? You look nearly identical to me, you just need to die your hair blonde, nobody will believe you are me if you keep your ink black hair. I have left you hair dye so your hair can be golden, like mine. Tomorrow I will make a public appearance at my eighteenth party. Which means I will be available for marriage. If you manage to charm a prince you will marry him and live a good life. Just stay away from one prince, Prince Jonathan. He is troublesome and called the black-hearted prince. Not only that but his kingdom has many enemies. He will only bring you trouble. I have faith in your abilities as a princess and will miss you. Maybe we will meet again someday.

                                                                                                                                             Sincerely, Melissa    

     Valentine threw the note and felt tears well in her eyes. Lissa just left her without telling her anything? Why would she do that? By the way she asked her to take place as princess she assumed nobody else knew about this. She wouldn't let anybody know, either. She felt a sudden determination and went to the bathroom to dye her hair. She would be a good, no, perfect princess and make Lissa proud. She stepped out of the bathroom and admired how much she looked like Lissa. This plan wouldn't fail, she wouldn't let it.

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