Because of You

What would you do if five boys were in love with you. And you loved them ALL back. What would you do if you ruined a lifetime career. Because of you. Because of what you did, who you loved and who loved you. And it was all because of you.


2. Please Remember

Hi, I just want to dedicate this story to my Best Friend Erynne (pronounced Erin). So she was the one who came up with the idea, characters and story line. I love her so much! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Can you read my other fanfiction called What Happened to Them. It's also a One Direction fanfiction and I would love it if you read it.

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Please Remember




A few days passed since the park incident. I was in my father's hospital room reading, when a loud, long beep scared me. I looked up to see my father's heart monitor going crazy.   

 "Help! My father's heart monitor won't stop beeping!" I yelled. I looked around to room but was startled by the sound of my dad's voice calling to me.

 "Who are you?" He asked. I gasped. I don't think he only lost a few weeks of his memory. 

 "I'm your daughter Isabella." I told him. 

 "I don't have a daughter. I only got married two months ago." This can't be good. I breathed a sigh of relief when the doctors finally rushed into the room. 

 "Oh good Mr. Velsana, you're awake." One of them said. 

 "Miss, you are going to have to leave the room" Another one said. I ran out of the room. As I was turning the corner to go to the cafeteria, I heard the chilling sound of my father yelling.

 "What is going on?" He yelled. I ran into the cafeteria in hopes to see my mom and Vicky sitting talking to Niall? When did he get here? I ran over and as my mom noticed me, she looked surprised.

 "Why are you crying darling?" She asked me with concern in her voice. I felt my cheeks and sure enough there was hot tears running down them.

 "I didn't know I was crying but Dad woke up."  I gasped.

 "Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's go see him!" My mom yelled earning a few looks from other people sitting and eating.

 "That isn't the best idea. We probably shouldn't go in there. There are some problems." I tried to stop her. 

 "Where is there a problem in Dad waking up?" She asked.

 "He sort of lost his memory." They all gasped.

"That's not even the worst part." 

"What could be worse than him losing a few weeks. I mean it is only a few weeks right?" I smiled nervously at my mother who had a nervous expression on her face.

"Not exactly. He lost at lease seventeen years. He thinks that you guys got married two months ago." I cried.

 "Oh my god." My mom said. I heard a loud sob.

"Does that mean that Daddy doesn't remember me?" Vicky asked. She let out another sob. I felt so bad. I pulled her in for a hug. Niall came and hugged the two of us pulling my mom in to join the group hug.

 "Shhhh. It will all be okay in the end." Niall cooed. We all started walking to dad's hotel room. 

 "Hi I'm John. Who are these people Sarah?" My dad asked Mom. She backed up. I decided to take stand because it was probably really hard for her to introduce her two kids to their father who doesn't remember a thing. 

 "Hi Daddy. I'm Isabella. I'm your oldest daughter. I am seventeen and I was born on July 28, 1993. This is Victoria but you can call her Vicky. She's your youngest. She's 11 and she was born on February 1, 1999.  The year is 2010 and the exact date is March 24, 2010." I told him in hopes to trigger some memories. 

 "Who's the boy? My dad asked. Oh my gosh, I forgot all about Niall.

 "This is Niall. He's also seventeen but he's not related to us. He's just a friend. He's on the singing show X Factor." I said feeling gloomy.

 "Okay, visiting hours is almost over, so wrap it up and get out of here." A nurse said. She had bleached blond hair and her face was caked in makeup. The sad part was that she looked about forty. Niall and I looked at each other and tried our best to hold in our laughter. 

 "Excuse us for a minute." Niall gasped. We both ran out of the room and burst into a fir of laughter. 

 "The worst part was that she was like forty. Oh my gosh. I thought only stupid teenagers did that!" I gasped for air.

 "Do what?" A snobby voice said. I gulped and Niall and I turned around to see the nurse with a board look on her face.

 "Um, you know. It was just a really weird picture of a funny thing?" I told her but it came out as more of a question. 

 "Whatever, just get out of here. Visiting hours is over." She said looking at her nails. God, this woman had to look in the mirror. She's forty not fourteen. We both walked out to wait for my mom and Vicky. 

 "So, I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go to the movies with me?" Niall asked nervously. Was he asking me on a date?

"Well I want to but I have to make sure my mom doesn't need me." I answered. I walked over to my mom who was leaving the elevator with Vicky.

"Hey mom, can I go to the movies with Niall tomorrow?" I asked her. I really hoped she didn't need me.

 "Oh course you can go." She said lovingly. "No funny business though." I was horrified.

 "MOM!" I glared at her but she just chuckled and motioned me to go tell Niall that I was able to come.

 "Niall! I can come. When will we go?" I asked.

 "I'll text you tomorrow what movies are playing tomorrow and when." 

"Okay, sounds great." I smiled and started walking with him to my mom's car.


"Niall, do you need a ride?" My mom asked.
 "Yes Mrs. Velsana, if you don't mind." He replied politely. He got into the back of the car and told Mom the address of the X Factor house. That was where he would live as long as he and the rest of One Direction weren't kicked off the show. WE dropped him off and then went home. 

Niall's Point of View

 She said yes. I really think I'm starting to like her. But what if she has a boyfriend? I will regret everything. But then again, she did say yes. I don't know.

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