Same Story, Different Plans

Meet Alivia, a normal 19-year-old who just so happens to run into someone at the wrong place and wrong time. when that someone's best friend goes soft and falls for her, what will she do? how will she react? what will happen when her best friends turns on her? find out, read Same Story, Different Plans.


6. not an update, but please read

hey guys

im sorry if you thought this was an update... :(

im kinda having problems with updating and making it completely original

no im not plagiarizing. but i feel bad because i will do updates and read other fanfictions and they have some of the same ideas going on. so until i can get rid of the writers block and have a moment of glory where i am like bursting with ideas, im not going to be updating as much as i did the first couple chapters, if i was even fast with those... im going to be either making really long updates but youre going to have to wait quite a while or i can make short updates id say every other day. its your choice, im trying hard to come up with a chapter. so im going to be posting a chapter, but i want your feedback on it. ill end up tweeking it until i can get a good storyline back. its not the best, and yes, its probably going to need so much work that ill have to work on it every day

well... comment long for longer chapters with longer waits

or short for shorter chapters every other day

i wanna know what you 5 readers want...

yup... 5 readers, i love you all and thanks for reading

tell your friends..... about this mess...... anywho



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