Same Story, Different Plans

Meet Alivia, a normal 19-year-old who just so happens to run into someone at the wrong place and wrong time. when that someone's best friend goes soft and falls for her, what will she do? how will she react? what will happen when her best friends turns on her? find out, read Same Story, Different Plans.


7. Chapter 4 (comment your ideas, opinions etc.)

Ok so I think you all need to know a bit more than what I look like. I love rue 21. Especially their dresses and graphic tees. I'd kill for a body that looks good in those dresses... I only allow myself to wear the flowy dresses. Corrine thinks that I'm crazy but I'm insecure, believe I or not. I act all confident and sarcastic, but everything affects me. High school ruined me. Nobody asked me to prom.. I went in a group. In a really cute dress. I was having so much fun... that is until one of the poplar girls poured punch on my head. I was mad abut that. But th  thing that got to me as  when it hit my dress. I designed  it myself. It was my birthday present. Yeah I come off as a sporty person who hates girly stuff. I am. But my weakness is fashion... has been ever since I was 12.  Ever since then I've worn, every day of my life, a pair of converse, jeans, a graphic tee, and a hoodie. I've stopped designing outfits. I've stopped being completely me. I've gone into art to express my feelings. The truth is I suck at it. Everything a draw ends up looking like a giant fireball... anyway, back to the real world, and things people care about... I secretly don't eat. I know its bad for me but I can't get the image of my body out of my head. Or what it used to look like that is... they called me fatty and fat ass. It started out as a diet but turned into a habit. A terrible, unhealthy habit. A habit I can't seem to shake. I'm bulimic. Every time I try to stop, an image of my body shows up in my head. I am so fat, I hate it.
And once again I've let somebody know too much. Don't tell anybody what I just old you. Ever.
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