Same Story, Different Plans

Meet Alivia, a normal 19-year-old who just so happens to run into someone at the wrong place and wrong time. when that someone's best friend goes soft and falls for her, what will she do? how will she react? what will happen when her best friends turns on her? find out, read Same Story, Different Plans.


5. Chapter 3

Harry's POV

She was out like a light. She doesn't look too bad, she'll be fine. I leaned her up against the brick wall and dusted off my hands. After that, I walked back home. When I got to the house, I walked right in. Niall was waiting for me, but he didn't go, he stood there looking sort of dazed. When he snapped out of it, he headed right up the stairs, possibly to Liam's room... I don't know... Or care... 


Niall's POV

I was waiting for Harold to come back from feeding so I could go. He walked in and it was like I was hit by a bus. The smell was so distinct that I'm surprised that the others didn't react like me. The scent was somewhat like vanilla but stronger. I went directly up to Liam's room. He had his door open, and was sitting on his bed, reading. I popped my head inside the door and he looked up. He put down the book and patted the bedding next to him, for me to sit there. I wasn't in the mood for talking so I channeled the thought bugging me so Liam would get a direct feed to it. As I went through the story in my head, he nodded along and finally said, "Well, Niall, I think that you have found your mate. Well not you necessarily, Harry must have run into her while hunting, lets just pray that she's still uh... with us, and Harry didn't go crazy... I'm sure she is, but it's always a good idea to check..."

"Oh! And the vanilla scent, that's the indication that you've found her, it'll be like that until she realizes her love for you," he added with a smile. With that, I darted down to Harry who had laid across the couch, taking up it all, watching TV. I stood in front of him and put my hands on my hips, like I'd seen Eleanor do to Louis many, many times. He looked up at me with a funny look and I said, "When you went out hunting, who did you see? Like everybody you touched or were in a 10 foot radius of," He made a funny thinking face as he recalled the people he saw. "Well, do you want to hear who I fed off of first or the people I saw?" he said.

"Yeah, who'd you feed off of? And where?" I said thinking of what I'd need to know. 

"The usual place, she came to me, I didn't lure anybody. She had curly, brown hair with highlights, and chocolate brown eyes. She seemed... different... She didn't scream or even try to escape, she just stood there, like she was in shock, but more calm..." I didn't hesitate as I easily darted out the door with my vampire speed and to the alley. She was still leaning against the brick wall, blood dripping from the almost healed bite marks. She was beautiful, amazing, flawless. She was mine. I could tell. The scent was so strong and it will be, until I get her to fall for me. I cleaned up the mess she was and left her, only to have my eyes glued to her until I couldn't see her...


Alivia's POV

*next morning*

Waking up in an alley... It's not something you do every day... What happened last night? My neck is killing me. I groaned and got up. The last thing I remember is leaving work. I must have taken the long way home and fell or something... MAYBE I WAS MUGGED!!! Nope, still got my wallet and phone. Anyway I got up, brushed myself off and continued walking home. When I got there, I ran right to my room and didn't bother to change, I jumped right into the bed. Even though I just got up, it was like all of my energy was sucked out of me, I was out like a light... I woke up two hours later and couldn't get somebody's face out of my mind, a certain somebody... Harry Styles



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