Same Story, Different Plans

Meet Alivia, a normal 19-year-old who just so happens to run into someone at the wrong place and wrong time. when that someone's best friend goes soft and falls for her, what will she do? how will she react? what will happen when her best friends turns on her? find out, read Same Story, Different Plans.


4. Chapter 2

Harry's POV


*Friday night*

"It's about midnight boys! I'm going out for a late-night snack!" I yell, grabbing my jacket. Not that I need one but it will make me blend in more. "Okay, but remember, be responsible!" Liam heeded back. "Ok, I always am, but I'll keep that in mind!" I said and walked out into the night. I went to the usual place; a dark alley behind a couple buildings. People usually don't come here but I can use my power to persuade them to come. We feed here because nobody can hear or find us. I leaned onto a building's brick wall and waited. It was about five minutes later somebody started walking towards me. I walked into the middle of the alley, blocking any escape. She tried to walk past me but that's when instincts kicked in.  I pinned the girl to the side of a building and waited for her to scream, but she didn't. This should be easier... I moved her hair and bit her, sucking out some of her blood. She was still not responding... When her eyes drooped, I knew it was time to stop, so I did. I looked into her eyes and snapped my fingers, with that she passed out in the alley.

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