Same Story, Different Plans

Meet Alivia, a normal 19-year-old who just so happens to run into someone at the wrong place and wrong time. when that someone's best friend goes soft and falls for her, what will she do? how will she react? what will happen when her best friends turns on her? find out, read Same Story, Different Plans.


3. Chapter 1

Alivia's POV

It's Friday night and I just got out of work. I'm walking home the long way, which includes a couple of dark alleys but, hey, I'm adventurous. I turn the corner to find a good looking man with stunning, almost neonish green eyes and a mop of curly hair. I try to walk by, keeping a distance but he came out of thin air and pinned me to the wall of a building. Scared and stunned I didn't do a thing, not even scream. The mysterious guy moved my hair and did the last thing I would have expected; he bit me. He bit my neck. Wait, HE BIT MY NECK?!?! He stayed there and then started sucking, sucking out my blood. It was a weird feeling, almost numbing. I started to get dizzy, then he pulled away. He had my blood running down his chin and his eyes had stopped glowing. He looked directly at me and snapped his fingers, I was out like a light, forgetting what had just happened...

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