Once Upon A Time...

Hunter Bliss. Daughter to Mr. Bliss, the owner of the biggest and most famous 7 star hotel 'Bliss'. She's 18 and lives in London in her own hotel, while her dad travels.

She hates everything that has to do with the famous. How will she learn to handle that when she finds herself falling for the one and only Zayn Malik, from One Direction?

Here is the link from the blog. It does exist, and I like it a lot. (http://youwontbeliveme.blogspot.com)


9. Researching





I woke next morning, but I wasn't in my bed, and I wasn't alone either. I sat up and turned to see Zayn lying there, sleeping with his phone on his hand and his laptop between us. Everything came flooding, we slept trying to figure out a way to stop the rumors, and I think that Zayn was trying to track down the IP address of MY blog... Lord I'm screwed if he finds out that I am the mind behind the blog. 


I got out of bed and left his room. I made sure no one saw me coming out of his room and made my way to the kitchen.  It was packed as always, business man talking on their phones, woman trying to see what wouldn't make them fat, and so on...


"Good Morning Ms. Bliss." Kevin, the chef said as I approached the buffet.

"Morning Kev." I said. "Are we going to have waffles today?"

"No." Kevin started. "But I can surely make some for you."

"Thank you so much Kev. Send them to my room please." I said and walked away.


I passed through the lobby and saw a family checking-in, but they seem to have some sort of problem. I decided to approach and find out what the problem was and fix it if it was possible.


"Good Morning." I said. "George, what seems to be the problem?"

"Good Morning." George said. "They have a reservation on room 505, but I don't find it."

"Excuse me sir." I said making the man face me. "With whom did you made the reservation?"

"I made via internet." The man said. "And you are?"

"I'm Hunter Bliss." I said with a warm smile. "George send a report saying that the internet page is having some issues. Your name sir?"

"Lorentz." The man answered. 

"I assume that is your last name." I said and the man nodded. "Well I'm really sorry for the mess, but you will surely get a room. I'm sorry to tell you that room 505 was just taken, so I will give you a room in the sixth floor if that is okay with you."

"No." The woman said. "Those are the suits and we can't afford one."

"You'll pay the price you were supposed to pay for room 505." I said.

"Are you sure?" The man asked.

"I am Mr. Lorentz." I said. "George here will help you fix everything. And I see that you have kids."

"Yes." Mr. Lorentz said. "Jake, he's 18, and Michael, he's 13."

"Well then. George, make sure that they have free plays in the Arcade Room while they are staying here." I added with a smile. George nodded and started working.

"Hope you enjoy your stay here at the Bliss Hotel." I said and walked away.







Zayn woke up and did his usual routine. He went over to the bathroom, took a bath, and then sat on his bed checking his favorite blog. He was going the oldest post, trying to find any clue that could lead in to who wrote the blog. 


He checked twitter in the mean time, and saw that Hunter had posted something of not dating him.




Yesterday's conversation was still on his mind. He couldn't believe that she hid her past, and didn't want anyone knowing about it. Her was her past, yes, but how bad could it be for her to hide it.


Then something came into his mind, something she told him. 

"I know I showed you my secret spot, were all my secrets lay, but there is no way that I will share something as big as my past with a boy I barely know."

Her secret spot where all of her secrets lay. The Library. 

Zayn ran out of his room and went up to the library, he went into the place she had showed him and saw all the notebooks named Blog. 

He grabbed one randomly, and checked with his phone. The post was the same thing written in the notebook. 


Hunter Bliss was the mind behind The Awkward Life. 


Hunter Bliss was the girl he had fallen in love with, without even knowing her. 

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