Once Upon A Time...

Hunter Bliss. Daughter to Mr. Bliss, the owner of the biggest and most famous 7 star hotel 'Bliss'. She's 18 and lives in London in her own hotel, while her dad travels.

She hates everything that has to do with the famous. How will she learn to handle that when she finds herself falling for the one and only Zayn Malik, from One Direction?

Here is the link from the blog. It does exist, and I like it a lot. (http://youwontbeliveme.blogspot.com)


6. One of many



I was speaking with Luke, the butler, when I heard Zayn's voice saying that he was going out for a walk, and that he wanted to go alone. I smiled, don't ask me why would I smile, but I did. And the hell it was weird.


"Ready to go?" I asked Zayn.

"Yes love." Zayn answered covering himself with a baseball cap and sunglasses.

"Why cover your pretty face?" 

"I don't think you want to be mobbed by fans when we leave the hotel."

"Don't worry about that." I said walking to the front door. "I took care of that." I added stepping out to the normal street people. All of the fangirls where gone thanks to the code.

"What happened with all the fangirls?" Zayn asked in awe as we walked down the street.

"Code 603." I answered. "We have special codes inside the hotel that will help the comfort of our guests."

"Wow." Zayn breathed. "Where are we going first?"

"I need to buy a notebook, so we are doing that first. Then we grab the ice cream and head to the park."

"Sounds good to me." Zayn said as we walked to the nearest book store.







There was something about Hunter that I wanted to discover, something hidden, but really hidden. Like why on earth would she need a notebook? What are all those things she has organized on shelves back at her secret spot in the library. And how come she trusted me so fast?


We got to the nearest bookstore and she bought the notebook. 


"Why do you need it?" I asked. "Do you keep a journal?"

"No." Hunter answered. "But I express myself better through writing than actually speaking."

"Really?" I asked. 

"Yes. I am not a person who will talk to you about her feelings, emotions or problems."

"Why not?"

"Cause they are mine and no one needs to know them." Hunter stated in a tone of voice that declared the subject was done.


We kept walking in silence until we got to a local Ice Cream Shop. It was really welcoming and it surely was the best place.


"I used to come here with my mother." Hunter said. "Every Wednesday."

"Where is she now?" I asked.

"Wish I knew." Hunter said as she order for us. 


We were sitting on a boost, waiting for the order to come to us, while we talked and laugh. I realized that this girl is a puzzle that no one has ever been able to do; her past and her personal life, she kept it to herself and rather not talk about it, but she didn't mind talking about other random things.  


We were walking to the exit when a boy entered and stared at Hunter.


"Oh but look at that." The boy said. "If it isn't Hunter Bliss."

"What do you want Roger?" Hunter asked.

"How've you been?" Roger asked.

"Get to the point?" Hunter attacked.

"Who's the boy?" Roger asked.

I grabbed Hunter's hand and answered. "Who are you?"

"So you speak." Roger said.

"So do you." 

"Why are you holding Hunter's hand?" Roger said.

"Why can't I?"

"Cause you're not dating?"Roger stated.

"Who says we are not?" Hunter asked.

"You said you don't believe in love, and that you would never fall in love." Roger said.

"People change." Hunter said walking out.

"Yeah?" Roger said. "Have fun being one of Zayn Malik's girlfriends..."


Hunter clenched her hands into fists before punching Roger straight in the face. "Keep your nose out of my life you jerk." she added and walked away.



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