Once Upon A Time...

Hunter Bliss. Daughter to Mr. Bliss, the owner of the biggest and most famous 7 star hotel 'Bliss'. She's 18 and lives in London in her own hotel, while her dad travels.

She hates everything that has to do with the famous. How will she learn to handle that when she finds herself falling for the one and only Zayn Malik, from One Direction?

Here is the link from the blog. It does exist, and I like it a lot. (http://youwontbeliveme.blogspot.com)


3. Meet Hunter Bliss






When Harry opened the door, I saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She had aqua eyes, long brown hair falling down to her hips like cascades and the most natural beauty I've ever seen, and when she spoke, she let out the most sweet and rebellious voice you could have ever imagined, plus she had the mysterious look that you wish every girl would have. She was a puzzle, and I was sure I wasn't going to give up until I got it.


She was Hunter Bliss, and she took my breath away with simply looking at her...



"So umm, I guess you want to come in?" Harry asked Hunter.

"No." Hunter replied. "I'm going to show you the best four rooms in this hotel. I have orders from my father to make you feel welcomed."

"You do know we are going to stay here." Liam said.

"Living here for the rest of your life?" Hunter asked and we nodded. "Yes, I'm aware of that fact."

"So?" Louis asked. "What are we waiting? Give us our tour!" Louis shouted running to the elevator. 


Hunter and the rest of the guys followed Louis laughing. She was talking with Liam about something, probably the rules or something.


"Boys." Hunter said as we all waited the elevator. "I have to tell you a couple of rules."

"Aww come on!" Niall exclaimed.

"We are teens!" Harry chimed in.

"We don't follow rules." Louis said.

"We break them" Hunter and I said as the same time. 

"I know, I know." Hunter said. "But we have a silence rule. Past 10pm no sound on the hallways. But don't worry because the rooms are sound proof..."

"All of them?" Liam asked.

"Nope." Hunter answered. "Our floor, is a residence floor, so whoever lives here, doesn't need that rule."

"PARTY TONIGHT!" Louis shouted.

"Calm down Louis." Liam said. "She's not done."

"What are you missing love?" I asked.

"No mess." Hunter said. "That's about it."

"Where are we heading now?" Niall asked.

"I am showing you the greatest and biggest  Arcade Room a hotel has ever had." Hunter said and all our faces light up. "We own the best Arcade on London. This is the place where kids come and have fun, as you are residence from the hotel, you enter for free." Hunter added as she stepped out of the elevator into the most amazing arcade room you could have ever imagined.

"ARCADE!" We all shouted and ran to the games.







Once I showed the boys the arcade room, I got back into the elevator and headed myself to the lobby; George had the woman waiting to complain there.


"Good afternoon Madam." I said. "My name is Hunter Bliss and I am the owner of the hotel."

"You are the owner?" The lady said with a fake laugh.

"My father owns the line." I said. "And as he is not here, I represent him. Do you have any problem with that?"

"No." She answered. "But I do have a problem with all the screaming."

"Yes. About that. I can't really do anything." I explained. "We are having a famous boy-band staying here for a while, and the fangirls make line outside wishing for meeting their idols."

"If the screams continue, you are going to lose one of your most precious and old costumers." The lady said.

"Listen." I said getting irritated. "I can try and do something, but I can't assure you anything."

"Thank you." The lady said and left, I stuck my tongue out at her and walked over to George.

"Though lady isn't she?" George asked laughing.

"Tell me about it." I said. "Apply the code 603."

"Sure." George said as I walked back to meet with One Direction.


Another reason to hate them...


Code 603



When the noise from the fangirls is to loud and the costumers are complaining, this is the code for your use.


This code allows you to limit the place where the fangirls stand, saying something around 50-100 meters away from the entrance, and whoever crosses the limit, will be punished by the law...


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