Once Upon A Time...

Hunter Bliss. Daughter to Mr. Bliss, the owner of the biggest and most famous 7 star hotel 'Bliss'. She's 18 and lives in London in her own hotel, while her dad travels.

She hates everything that has to do with the famous. How will she learn to handle that when she finds herself falling for the one and only Zayn Malik, from One Direction?

Here is the link from the blog. It does exist, and I like it a lot. (http://youwontbeliveme.blogspot.com)


1. Hunter Bliss



*Third Person P.O.V.*



"OH MY GOD! IT'S ONE DIRECTION!" Hunter heard people screaming outside her window.


How loud could they be? She lived in the sixth floor of the Bliss Hotel, where One Direction was staying in; plus her windows were closed and the air-condition was on. She growled and turned to see her phone: 10:00AM, it read. She rolled out of her bed and walked into the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror, her eyes were tired, and her hair looked like a fallen nest. She splashed some water on her face before getting ready to take a bath.


Once she was ready, Hunter grabbed her backpack and walked out of the hotel room. She stood just outside her door, 606, both ends of the hallway had huge security guards. She decided to ignore the fact, that she had to deal with crazy and sneaky fans for some time and walked over to the elevator.


Hunter's father owned this line of hotels, Bliss, and was currently working in Dubai, leaving her alone living in London, not that it made a difference when he was here...



"How did you get in?" One of the security guards asked Hunter, blocking her way.

"I live here genius." Hunter answered crossing her arms over her chest.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"What for?"

"To verify that you in fact live here."

"Hunter." She answered. "Hunter Bliss." The security guard searched in his list and found her name on it. "May I leave please?"

"Yes." The security guard said. "Have a nice day Ms. Bliss." Hunter smiled and stepped into the elevator.


Hunter hated fangirls. They always ruined the peace she was used too. She put on her sunglasses and beanie, and headed out to her destination, the park. She got there and sat on a lonely swing. It was a Saturday and she had nothing to do. She loved coming out to the park and write in her notebook, so that she could later blog it on her anonymous blog, 'The Awkward Life'.


Hunter was different from every other girl you could possible imagine. She had a natural beauty, long brown hair falling like cascade just over her hips, and her aqua eyes. She looked like a doll. But her fashion sense, was different from what you think too. She would go for the jeans, t-shirt and vans look, instead of the skirt and sandals.


She also had an attitude and promised to herself to never fall in love again. She was a mysterious teenager, and that was the reason people loved her, because you had to solve a puzzle in order to know her...






Zayn Malik from One Direction was sitting on his plane seat reading 'The Awkward Life' while Liam texted with his girlfriend. Louis was sleeping, Harry was listening to music and taking pictures of Louis asleep and Niall was on twitter replying to fans. One Direction were going to move to the Bliss Hotel. They had said it was temporally, like for a month, but the truth was, that they were going to start living there forever. 


"You like that Blog." Liam said to Zayn.

"Yes." Zayn answered. "Even if it's written by a girl, and has girl stuff, it is still good enough. You should read it sometime."

"I will do it." Liam answered before standing up and walking to Paul.


Zayn put on his headphones and kept scrolling to the blog, reading the last entry: "10 Ways to Become Confident".


Whoever was the mind behind that blog, surely had Zayn intrigued. The person who wrote this things, surely meant everything, it was something he couldn't understand, there were subliminal messages there, that showed that the girl had troubles, but for some reason, she wanted no one to know. 


Zayn was determined to find this girl and make her happy.


"We are going to be arriving to the Bliss Hotel in a few minutes." Paul said. "There we will be escorted to your rooms and we are later meeting the daughter of the owner. Hunter Bliss. She lives in the same floor you guys do. So please behave."

"Yes." All the boys answered before returning to their things. 




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