Once Upon A Time...

Hunter Bliss. Daughter to Mr. Bliss, the owner of the biggest and most famous 7 star hotel 'Bliss'. She's 18 and lives in London in her own hotel, while her dad travels.

She hates everything that has to do with the famous. How will she learn to handle that when she finds herself falling for the one and only Zayn Malik, from One Direction?

Here is the link from the blog. It does exist, and I like it a lot. (http://youwontbeliveme.blogspot.com)


19. Apologies





I woke up to the sound of bird chirping outside my window. I was on my bed, but I have no memory of coming back to the Hotel yesterday after my outburst. I had run away to the old house Zayn showed me... Zayn. He was there. 


I sat up and got out of bed walking to the bathroom. I saw my reflection, and well, it wasn't nice... My eyes were red and puffy, my hair was like a bird nest fallen down and kicked several times. I sighed at my reflection before splashing water to my face. I washed my face, brushed my teeth and pulled my hair up in a bun. I walked out the bathroom and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and an oversized hoddie. I put on my uggs and wrote a note to Zayn in case he woke up. 



Left to the park to think. If my father comes and ask for me, tell him that I don't want to see him.

I'll be back for lunch... wanna have lunch with me? Text me if you see this.



I left the note next to the pillow where his head was laying and walked out of my room. I walked all the way to the park, ignoring all the paparazzi that was following me... Once I got to the park, I sat down at the old swing I always sit and stared at the scene. I can't believe that I did what I did for a boy. I broke my promise to myself of never falling in love...


I took out my note book and started writing another entry for my blog.







I woke up feeling empty. Hunter's head was on my chest yesterday night when I brought her from the house. I sat up and saw a note laying on the pillow next to me. I read it and let out a sigh. I don't know if I should go and find her or wait until she comes here. I got out of her bed and walked to my room. 


I changed from yesterday's cloth and took a shower. After I got ready I ordered breakfast and decided to check in with the boys. 


"Where have you been?" Liam asked as soon as he picked the phone.

"I left to check on Hunter and I slept in her room yesterday." I replied. "Where are you guys?"

"Free day." Liam answered. "They gave us a free day."

"Any plans for this week?" I asked. 

"We have a singing tomorrow." Liam answered. "But then nothing."

"Let's go clubbing tonight." I suggested.

"Sure." Liam said. "Text me the details, I have to go."

"Bye Liam." I said. 

"Bye Zayn." Liam said. "I'm happy you found your girl." He added before hanging the phone. 


After I hanged up with Liam, I made my way out of my room to the park when I bumped into Mr. Bliss.


"Zayn." Mr. Bliss said.

"Sir." I answered.

"Have you seen my daughter?" Mr. Bliss asked concerned. "She is not answering my phone calls or text messages."

"She's fine sir." I replied. "She left me a note saying that she wishes not to speak with you."

"It's understandable." Mr. Bliss said. "But if you see her, please tell her that I am leaving tomorrow, and that I wish that she could say goodbye."

"I will do sir." I replied and Mr. Bliss started walking away.

"One more thing." Mr. Bliss said.

"Anything sir."

"Tell her that I am really sorry, but that I did not say anything, because her mother asked me not too." Mr. Bliss said giving me a letter. "Give this to her. And please treat her right Zayn."

"I will do sir." I replied with a nod. "See you." I added and left.





  The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke. The girl who seemed so strong,  crumbled. The girl who always laughed it off,  cried. The girl who never stopped trying,  finally gave up.



I finished writing the next post on my phone and closed my notebook. I stared at the dead park, everyone was either at work or at school, and here I was, debating with myself in wether talk with my father and listen to him or not. 


I closed my eyes for three seconds and I felt someone in front of me. I opened my eyes and saw Zayn looking down at me with his sweet smile.


"Hey there love." Zayn said kneeling down so that we could be the same height.

"Hey." I whispered.

"Lunch?" Zayn asked with a smile.

"You did not invite my father right?" I asked.

"No." Zayn replied. "But, he did said that he wishes for you to say goodbye to him, he's leaving tomorrow. He also asked me to tell you that he is sorry, and that he didn't say anything because your mother asked him not to do."

"That's bullshit." I said standing up.

"Here." Zayn said giving me a letter.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Your father wanted you to have it." Zayn said. "Are you up for chinese food?"

"Sure." I answered looking down at the handwriting of my mother.



Could it be true, that she wished for me not to know?


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