Character Designs ~

A second notebook where I'm going to design all of my characters before I start trying to plan a plot. The plot will be written in my NOTEBOOK story... and eventually, I'll upload the first few chapters of the actual novel itself. :)

Thanks guys!


1. Jason Scott

Character Name:
Jason Alexander Scott.

16 years old.


In high-school, with a part-time job in a garage.

Social Status:
Seen as sort of jock-ish at school due to being good at athletics, but isn't in the "popular" gang of boys. His father isn't around, and his mother is pregnant, so his part-time job is the only money the family gets.

Body Build:
Muscled, but not totally buff.

Physical Description:
Not exactly pale, but less than tanned. The only scars he has are a few minor scrapes on his arms. Long, golden-blonde, "swooshy" hair and gorgeous light-green eyes. 

Stance/Walking Pace:
Typical teenager - very slouchy. Generally walks quite quickly due to height. 

His voice is certainly far from low, but wouldn't be called a squeal either. Maybe 6/10 high?

Isn't especially fond of rats. Likes the colours red and light blue, though his favourite is green. Loves the summer and the heat. Very friendly, open-minded and easy-going. Absolutely adores children. 

Mainly plays video games like the average teenage boy but has a secret love for art.

Doesn't really care about fashion or hair. Wears just casual clothes - tshirts and jeans - but does know how to make a good effort for special occasions.

Weapons/Prized Items:
Nothing really of great importance.

Would like to be an architect, but really wants to be happily married with a family of his own.

Family Living/Dead:
Just one grandparent left, his paternal grandmother. His father left the family when he was young and is an only child, though his mother is pregnant with a little girl now.

People Relations:
He's pretty close to his mother since he always supported her, and he does have a few close friends. 
(Spoiler alert!) He's also going to get a giiiirlfriend! :)

Important Past Moments:
Car crash when he was 7 left him a little scared of driving, or being a passenger.

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