Notebook ~

This is where I'm gonna jot down all my story ideas before I actually begin to write. Check it out if you're interested - and I'd always welcome your input or opinions!


1. 31/03/2013

I have an idea for a new story. I've already started writing it. There's just one problem... It'll probably be a lot more... uh, adult than the stories I'm used to writing.

These are my notes so far (yes, I take notes first before I write ANYTHING) ~

Libby = main character (succubus)
Chastity = her best friend (succubus)
Charlie = eventual love interest (human)
"I got a Code-10 today," Chastity sniggered.

Libby gave a deep sigh into the phone.

"Don't you find that a little... I don't know, creepy?" she asked, her mouth turning up involuntarily in disgust.

"Hell yes, it's creepy!" her friend replied. "But not as creepy as what they would be doing if I didn't stop them!"

There was a silence as neither girl knew what to say.

"... though it can be sort of hot,"Chastity added, in a seductive tone.

"Alright. That is enough. I don't want to hear anymore about this."

"Oh, come on, Libido*. You can't ignore what's going on in the world around you."
(*Libido = Chastity's private nickname for Libby)

(the two succubus best friends are talking about how one of them morphed into a little girl so she could seduce and kill a child molester)

(later in the story - Libby spends a long time trying to seduce this ONE hot high-school guy, Charlie, but everytime she thinks she's getting close, he stops himself again. She ends up falling in love with them and they become a couple. Though in the second novel, he gets jealous and upset at the fact his girlfriend has to sleep with other guys, and they fight)

(note for later - Cambion is the name of the offspring between a mortal and a succubus/incubus - like Nephilim. Google for more info)

(think of a new titie, this one sucks)

My Perfect Celebrity Cast ~

Libby (high-schooler) = Mila Kunis
Libby (true form) = Evanna Lynch
Chastity (high-schooler) =Katie Cassidy (with brown hair)
Charlie = Jeremy Sumpter

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