Summer Camp

This is about a girl named Natalie going to summer camp but its not a normal camp this year. Will her dreams come true? Willthe man of her dreams,Harry Styles, fall in love with her.


5. Later at Camp

Harrys P.O.V

I unpack with nat oh wow shes so sexy why im i so nervous i mean sure shes like the girl of my dreams. She starts to play some music.

Nats P.O.V

I put some one direction on and i start humming it. well what can you expect im nervous to sing in front of him i mean hes harry styles. I look over and harry is staring at my bum...great. He starts to dance and i giggle. Why is he so god damn cute?!?! 
"Harry what are you doing?"
"im dancing!"
"But why are you dancing"
"Cus there is music on!"
He then starts to do hip thrusts and i cant help but laugh.

Avvys P.O.V

"Girls how is Nat doing do you think"
dani then says,"Probably having sex"
Louis then walks up to dani and asks who is having sex and we all burst out laughing.

Danis P.O.V

Wow im talking to the Louis Tomlinson! I just love him so much! 
"Love you and me will be staying in a cabin together."
OMG HE CALLED ME LOVE! ok dani calm down its just Louis.

Harrys P.O.V

Just then this boy walks in NO he cant be staying with  us i love Nat what if he takes her from me!

Boys P.O.V

As i walk into my cabin i see this beautiful girl i think her name is nat my sister ia bffs with her.

Nats P.O.V

I turn and see Oscar walk in.
"Oh hey Oscat are you staying with us?"

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