Summer Camp

This is about a girl named Natalie going to summer camp but its not a normal camp this year. Will her dreams come true? Willthe man of her dreams,Harry Styles, fall in love with her.


4. Chapter 4

“Harry just lep me help you, please.” I ask as I pout cutely.

“Noooooo! I got it and a woman shouldn’t need to carry their bags a gentleman should carry a lady’s  bags.” He says with his cheeky grin on his face.

“Harold this is camp i’m supposed to carry my bags.”

    He pouts as I call him Harold,”Don’t call me that please.” He says.

    “I’m really sorry I didn’t know.” I say as I freak out a bit.

    “It’s fine love I was just kidding you can call me that i just prefer Harry and not Harold.” He says which calmed me down a bit.

I thought I had just ruined my chances with him, but I guess he was just joking. I felt like I was about to cry before when he walked away.

    As we walk up to our cabin I find out the we are the only ones staying in that cabin and to be honest I feel a  little nervous about this. What is going to happen this summer? Thats all I can think of. What if he doesn’t like me? What if we have sex and  i’m not good enough at it for him? This is all I can think of.

    “Love you okay?” He asks.

I guess I started to zone out.

    “Oh um yeah i’m just thinking so um I guess we should go and get settled in right?”

“Yeah I guess if you want to.”

I nod a bit and open the cabin door for Harry.

“Thanks love but you didn’t need to open the door.”

“No Harry it’s fine. It’s not really a big deal.”

I try to grab my bag from him but he won’t let me. I am just a bit shorter then him, but he wanted to be a gentlemen. It’s kinda sweet but i’m a very independent woman and I like to do things on my own.

This is going to be a long summer if I can’t do anything for my self.

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