Summer Camp

This is about a girl named Natalie going to summer camp but its not a normal camp this year. Will her dreams come true? Willthe man of her dreams,Harry Styles, fall in love with her.


3. Chapter 3


Me and harry talked for a few hours until we finally got to the camp site. We made each other laugh. Harry tells the worst jokes ever its almost impossible!

I think that my feelings for Harry really started to grow a lot. I mean yeah I knew that i wanted a guy like him, but he really made me blush a deep red and no guy has ever really done that before. He makes me smile too. I wonder if he feels the same way i feel, but probably not. Hes Harry Styles why would he like a girl like me?

As I walk off of the bus i could feel every males eyes on me. Did they really think I was beautiful? How could they unless they are blind. How could they I have stretch marks all over my body, and I mean sure I have big boobs but I also have flab on my hip bones. Im far from beautiful.

All I could hear were the boys hooting at me. It was strange but I guess I need to get used to it if i’m going to be famous. Or if i’m going to date Harry.

I start to pick up my bags when Harry takes them from me.

“Hey!” I yell at him trying not to giggle.

“What a woman shouldn’t need to carry her bags. Let me carry them for you I mean we are going to the same place.”He says smiling at me.

God i love his smiles so much. They make me get butterflies.

“I guess i could let you carry them for me, but I wont be happy about it but I will let you just once. I don’t want special treatment. I can do things on my own i’m not incapable of doing things.” I say as I giggle at him trying to carry his and my bags at the same time.

He looked pretty funny trying to carry all of them. He would just refused to let me help him.


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