Summer Camp

This is about a girl named Natalie going to summer camp but its not a normal camp this year. Will her dreams come true? Willthe man of her dreams,Harry Styles, fall in love with her.


2. Chapter 2

The bus ride was starting to get really fun. The boys and i started playing games and singing songs together. We sang the best song ever, Let It Be, All Of Me and many more songs. this is going to be a great summer i can already tell.

    We also played a game of truth or dare. Niall got dared to kiss Demi Lovato and he let us to go “talk with her which then turned out to be a heated make out session.

Sophia made Liam come sit by her to help her pick out outfits for the whole summer. i felt kinda bad for Liam to be honest.

Zayn then left to go spend some time with Perrie before we got to camp and they would be training people.

Louis then left to take a nap in the back of the buss. since he was up all night with management finishing up recording for their next album.

that left just me and Harry. I felt really awkward  I mean i could never get a guy like him. to be honest he is my dream guy, but why would he want me? im not that beautiful at all.

“hey um Nat thanks for choosing me to bunk with you. You are a pretty amazing girl. I would rather bunk with you then some crazy fan girl that might steal some of my hair in the middle of the night.” harry whispers in my ear with a cheeky grin on his face.

I start to giggle when I hear this. He was pretty funny and i knew he was making fun of the fan girls in a loving way.

“thanks but how do you know I won’t take your boxers or sweaters.” I joke back and to be honest i did love his Jack Wills sweater.

Just thinking about how amazing Harry smells right now it was hard not to just lay down on his lap. He smelled just like Irish Soap and Nandos. It was just heavenly. How could just a regular person smell so good?


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