Summer Camp

This is about a girl named Natalie going to summer camp but its not a normal camp this year. Will her dreams come true? Willthe man of her dreams,Harry Styles, fall in love with her.


1. Chapter 1

I knew summer camp would be different this year, but I never expected that when i got there all the celebrities and everyone knew my name. Of course this was a camp for teens that are musically talented. I was sitting on the bus minding my own business, wearing this

, when this girl, Minnie (wearing

), came up to me. She seemed a little shy, and to break the ice I asked her if she wanted to sit with me.

We started talking and then she said, " Aren't you that girl that did a demo for the recording company?"

I was surprised I didn't think anyone would recognize me let alone listen to me. I wasn't as good as all those pop stars. I only  sang a song that one of the most amazing bands in the world sing, but not many people know who they are. I sang wings by Little Mix, but I thought everyone would hate my singing.

I hesitated, but then said, "Yeah, thats me. how do you know who i am? I thought no-one would listen to me."

Minnie smiled gently to me and said sweetly, " My father owns the recording company. You were amazing he sent the video to all the stars he works with."

As we were talking I didn't realize that all the pop stars that were going to the camp to be our counselors were boarding the bus. Some of the stars were One Direction, Little Mix, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, and Cher Lloyd.

They all started to look at me and whisper" Hey isn't it that girl we saw sing? why is she going to this camp? She was amazing I hope shes in my cabin, we could win the competition with her."

Perrie Edwards the main singer in Little Mix came up to me and said," Love, you did amazing on Wings i never knew anyone could sing that good on our song!"

She then smiled and walked away without me able to say thankyou or its nice to meet you. well not that I couldn't say anything I was in too much shock.

All of a sudden everyone on the bus was trying to talk to me. Even the pop stars! I was so nervous, how could famous people handle this? Was this what its like to be famous people always trying to talk to you?

My ideals, One Direction, came up to me. I thought that I was going to explode. I had loved them, but I never fangirl over them I mean they are just normal people, that tour the world, doing concerts, signings, having girls worship the ground they walk on. Thats normal right? I was looking down trying not to look at them, because I would just embarrass myself.

Harry then said "Ello,love we heard you were that girl that made a demo. That was amazing. May we sit with you?"

I looked at him with surprize. "Um yeah i guess i don't care its not my seat," I said shyly.

Wow I never would think that I would meet One Direction and talk to them Or even Little Mix. This was a dream come true. Harry sat right next to me then was Liam, Niall, Zayn, and lastly Louis.

Liam was the first to talk, "So, love who's cabin do you want to be in?”

I didn't think that I would get to choose who's cabin I was in, usually the counselors choose the cabin groups.

I thought it over, "Um I guess  Harry's. He seems really nice and someone to have a lot of fun with for the summer"

“In more ways than one love,” Louis says.

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