So this book is about the news that happens to stars that I know.I will put them down in the book.For an example,something happened to Jessie J. than I would right it in here so everyone will know it.
Hope you enjoy<3EMILY


2. Facts about One Direction

Niall eats the most.

Louis is NOT Luis!!!!!

Louis is the funny one.

Zayn is Vain.

Harry is the flirt.

Niall is the cheeky one.

Liam is the smart one.


Larry=Louis and Harry

Narry=Niall and Harry

Niam=Niall and Liam

Zarry=Zayn and Harry

Ziam=Zayn and Liam 

More Facts:)

Harry's favorite food is taco's or pasta and pizza

Niall's favorite food is anything edible and the type of food he likes is fried.

Louis's favorite vegetable is CARROTS (Mine is too)

Louis,Harry,Liam, and Zayn are British and Niall is Irish.

Niall has blue eys

Louis has blue eyes.

Harry eyes are green (Like mine)

Zayn has brown eyes.

Liam has brown eyes.

Louis is the oldest (21)

Harry is youngest(19)

Harry's B-day is February 2 1994


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