My Mom's Boyfriend (16+)

Trayka lives with her mom in a two bedroom apartment in Greentown, Indiana. Her mom works two jobs and Trayka is more involved with her boyfriend than anything in her life. She was good in school, she studied every time she had a test coming up. She didn't know her biological dad. But when her mom meets a new guy from The UK and flies him out to move in with her, Trayka finds him different from all the others before him


7. The Perfect Fit

Chapter 7

The Perfect Fit


I was at the dress shop with my mom looking for her "perfect dress" for her "perfect day". She looked through about a dozen already and I just sat in the corner with a magazine.


"What about this one, baby?" My mom asked turning around to show me. It was very pretty and it fit her perfectly. "It's great, mom." I said and looked back down at my magazine.


"You okay?" She asked and I nodded and fought the tears as I continued looking down at the magazine.


I am not okay. I will never be okay now.


My grandma came around the corner and smiled at her. "That dress is beautiful." My mom smiled widely and twirled. "Isn't it? I think this is the one." She looked at herself in the mirror and began to tear up. I rolled my eyes.


My grandma looked back at me "What's your problem?" She asked. "Nothing! I really wish people would stop asking!" I threw the magazine down and got up and walked away.


My mom climbed off the platform and ran after me. I sat in the window pane across the other side of the store.


My mom sat down next to me. "I don't even want to ask because of the blow out over there." She said. I cradled my head in my hands. "Is it me?" She asked. I shook my head "No." She nodded. "Is it Harry?" I brought up my head and shook it. "No, no. I love Harry." I said and I looked up real quick. "I mean, he's great."


I almost let it out. Shit...


She nodded. "Then can you tell me what it is?" I pressed my lips together and rubbed my eyes. "I'm just stressed about things." "Is it Nathan?"


I haven't even given Nathan any attention since what happened with Harry. I liked Harry so much that, I was losing interest in Nathan.


I nodded and shook my head. "Yeah." She brought me closer to her. "Aww, honey." I felt myself begin to cry, but no over Nathan. It was the fact that she had Harry and I didn't.


"It gets harder and harder as you get older. And you're gorgeous, you might be the one breaking the hearts." She said putting a piece of my hair behind my ear.


"Mom, c-can I ask you something?" "Of course, sweetie. Anything." I looked down at me legs and I felt the blood running through my body and my heart beating fast.


"Do you think if two people are in love, they should be together? Despite their age?" She laughed. "Honey, just look at me and Harry. Harry should be with someone your age. Someone with a younger body and no wrinkles." She laughed again. "Why do you ask, sweetie?"


I stared at her and shook my head. "Just watched something on TV about it." I replied. She smiled and nodded. "If two people love eachother, they should. Nothing should keep them away from eachother." She answered.


I smiled at her and she smiled back.


Yeah, in my mind I was mentally laughing at her.


"Come help me with the dress, baby." She said getting up. I got up "Actually, mom, I have to go to the restroom. I'll be right back." She nodded and I walked back to the back.


I wanted to ask Harry if he loved me, because if he did, I wanted to be together.


"Hello?" He picked up. "Harry," I whispered. "I need to ask you something." "I'm in the middle getting fitted for my tux, love. What is it?" I rolled my eyes.


"Do you love me?" I asked.


I didn't hear anything for a short time. "Harry?"


I heard rustling around. "I'll be right back, Lou." He said. "Why do you want to know if I do?" He asked.


I heard a door open on his side.


"Just tell me if you do, Harry." I demanded.


I heard Harry sigh. "I'm marrying your mother." "By accident! You even said it was Harry!" I interrupted.


He did say he didn't mean for her to find it.


"Yes, but she still found it! I couldn't tell her that I wanted to but then I fell for her daughter." He sounded upset when he said that.


He sighed.


"So you have fallen for me?" I asked. "Yes, I have. But I'm marrying your mother." He replied and it became silent until I broke it.


"Do you wish it was me?" I asked. "Yes, I do." He replied.


"Trayka?" I heard my mom call my name. "Harry, I gotta go." I said and hung up the phone and ran in a stall.


"Sweetie? You okay?" She opened the door and I flushed the toilet behind me real quick. "Yeah, uhm. I'll be out in a second." I said and opened the stall and walked to the sink.


I wanted to stop the wedding somehow.




My mom, me and my grandma all went out to eat lunch that day and waited for Harry.


He was joining us at Outback soon.


When he arrived he sat by my mom and looked at me as he climbed in. I didn't really acknowledge him. But he did smile at me.


"Harry, so nice of you to finally join us." My mom said giving him a kiss on the lips as he settled in. I could smell his cologne as he passed by.


I bit my lip and thought of how that smell brings back the memory of us making love for the first time and how my face was buried in his neck as he thrusted into me.


I quickly removed the memory from my mind and took a drink of my coke through the straw and stared at Harry as he stared back.


I felt Harry's hand under the table reach across and hold my hand for a second and I couldn't act like anything was happening.


"So Harry, we go to the dress shop again and pick out Trayka Sunshine's Maid of Honor dress." My mom said.


Both Harry and I let go of each others hands. "Maid of Honor?" We both had no idea.


My mom smiled. "Yes...she's my daughter. What else would she do?" Harry shrugged. "I don't know. I honestly thought she was going to just throw flowers down the aisle." My mom and grandma narrowed their eyes, even I narrowed my eyes at him. "Harry, she's 19, she's not 9." She replied.


Harry looked back over at me and you could tell he didn't want to do this. His eyes said it all.





"Mom, none of these dresses fit, okay? They're just too big!" I said. My mom walked onto the platform as Harry and my grandma sat on the window pane.


My mom tried fixing tbe dress. "Aw honey, you just don't have the right size of boobs." She said. I heard my grandma snicker and Harry looked away in an awkward way. "Mom! Wha-" she pulled it up. "You didn't get that gift. The generation skipped you." She said and my mom and grandma laughed.


I looked over and Harry looked back at me.


I rolled my eyes and walked away.


They continued to find dresses for me and I did, too.


Harry walked up beside me acting like he was looking. "Hey baby." He said quietly. "Hey." I said still looking through the rack.


I liked that he came over to talk to me.


"You alright?" His accent was soft, but still raspy and that was what I loved about his voice. The raspy voice he had. It made his throaty groans so much sexier.


I shook my head. "You don't wanna know that answer, Harry." I replied and he nodded. He understood and didn't ask.


"About earlier-" he began until I looked around at him. "Don't worry. You were busy and frustrated. I understand." I turned back to the rack and looked though it as Harry sighed.


"Sweetie, granny found the dress!" I looked at Harry and smiled and walked away.



"It's perfect." My mom said looking into the mirror with me.



The dress was a rosy pink and it was tight and short. It fit me perfectly.


My mom fixed my side ponytail and smiled wider. "You look beautiful, baby." She said.


"Turn around," my grandma said. "let me see." I turned and saw Harry check me out and smirk as he did.


My grandma sighed. "You look lovely. I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle one day." She said and that's when Harry looked up at me and stared.


"Or see the lucky guy you marry." Harry looked at granny and narrowed his eyes.


My mom turned me back around and kissed my cheek.



"Yes, she'll make a boy very happy one day."

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