My Mom's Boyfriend (16+)

Trayka lives with her mom in a two bedroom apartment in Greentown, Indiana. Her mom works two jobs and Trayka is more involved with her boyfriend than anything in her life. She was good in school, she studied every time she had a test coming up. She didn't know her biological dad. But when her mom meets a new guy from The UK and flies him out to move in with her, Trayka finds him different from all the others before him


14. The HONEST Truth

Chapter 14

The HONEST Truth


A month passed and she still didn't know. Harry and I still messing around and falling more in love with each other, which was making it harder for me to keep seeing her with him.


After the whole Nathan thing, I haven't seen him kiss her or anything, but I knew they were still doing it at night and getting friendly with each other, more than likely, it was her making him to things to her.


I had stopped Harry from telling my mother the truth about us. I basically had to cry my eyes out to get him not to. I just wasn't completely ready like I thought I was. My mom was psycho and if she found out, I don't know what she would do. She might murder me. When she gets mad, she gets mad.


Today, I had a doctors check up, the same I've always had since I was 4 years old. Just the same stuff. Checking my breathing, heartbeat and I'm going to ask to be put on Birth Control, because Harry and I aren't fully protected with just a condom.


Mom was in the living room watching tv, but had gone to the kitchen when Harry snuck into my room and quickly shut the door.


I didn't have my clothes on yet, just my bra and underwear, that was about it. Harry pushed me up against the wall and looked down at my half naked body. "God...I love your little tight body." he said smirking. I smiled and pushed him away. I knew what he was doing, he wasn't fooling.


"No, Harry. I don't feel like it today. I feel so bloated and I'm waiting to start my period. I'm behind and I hate when my cycle jumbles." I said walking to me dresser to take out some loose shorts.


My period sometimes wants to be late or next time it wants to be late, it has a mind of its own and I hate it. it's NEVER on time.


"I just want to be comfortable today." I said pulling up the shorts and then looking at Harry. I walked passed him and then picked up my old high school t-shirt and put it on. "And yet, you still look fucking amazing." He grabbed my waist and pulled me in. "Harry..." I smiled and stumbled into his arms. "Just kiss me, once is all I'm asking." he said with a smile. I stood up on my tippy toes and pecked him on the lips. "There." I said and pulled back.


Harry pulled me back in. "Like you mean it." I sighed and stood back on my tippy toes. My lips locked with his and we were taken away by the kiss we were sharing.


Harry's hands guided themselves up my shirt and I slapped them away and pulled back. "No!" I scolded. "I told you, I'm not in the mood." I walked over to my top dresser drawer and pulled out my ankle socks and put them on. Harry watched and nodded. "Fine, I get it." I smiled and nodded, too. "Good then."




I walked out in the living room and put on my shoes.


"Mom?" I asked and she looked at me and stared. "Are you taking me to the doctors check up? You said you were last night." I stood up from putting on my shoes. "No, sweetie. I'm not feeling well. Can you drive yourself?" she asked taking her keys out of her pocket. "Sure." I walked over to her and grabbed the keys.


Harry walked out and sat next to her. "Hi baby." my mom said resting her head on my chest. I walked away before I did or said something.




I waited in the waiting room for my check up.


I was reading Cosmopolitan on 5 ways to have an orgasm. Which all seemed kind of dumb to me, to be honest. I get off the same way every time Harry and I have sex. But it was also interesting to know I'm one of the 70 or 80 something percent of girls who get off by the rubbing of the clit. The rest can get off by just having sex. Which mean more girls can get off by their man rubbing them while fucking, than actually fucking. Just seems strange to me for some reason.


"Trayka?" A nurse called my name and I got up and walked back to the offices.


"Okay, we need to check your weight and height." she said motioning me to the scale.


I stepped on and watched my weight hit 107. That was okay, still too skinny, but it's okay.
My height was still disappointing. 5'3. I was too short, I wish I was taller.


I stepped off and we went into the office.


"Now, you're here for just a checkup?" she asked and I nodded. "Yeah, but also wanted to ask to be put on birth control." she looked at me. "Oh okay." and she wrote something down. I looked around as she did and twiddled with my thumbs.




My doctor soon came in and shook my hand. "Here alone today?" I nodded. I usually come with my mom. this was my first time. "Yep." I smiled.


He checked my breathing, he checked my reflexes, eyes, hearing and heartbeat.


"Now, you wanted to be put on birth control?" he asked reading his notes and I nodded. "Yeah." he sat down. "Well. I have to ask a few questions before I put you on it." I nodded "Alright." he flipped through the pages. "Are you sexually active?" he looked up at me and nodded. I was safe because I was 19, so they can't tell my mom.


He wrote down something. "Are you pregnant or may become pregnant?" I laughed and shook my head. "No. that's why I want on it." he stared at me and shook his head. "We have to do blood work to see if there are any complications or something." I nodded slowly. "Okay." I was kind of confused on why I needed blood work done.




I felt kind of dizzy afterwards, because they drew so much blood. they gave me orange juice to help me feel better and to stand and see better.


The nurse helped me back to the office and sat me down. "Tests will be back shortly dear." I smiled. "Thank you." I took out my phone after she left and called Harry.


"Hello?" Harry answered. "Hey babe." "Hey, what's going on?Everything okay?" he asked. "Of course. I'm being put on Birth control for us and my check up was good." I said and Harry was silent for a moment. "Birth control? I thought it was just a check up?" "It is." I replied. I was suddenly even more confused "What's wrong Harry?" I asked. "Nothing, it's just I didn't know. I thought you'd at least tell me you were going on the pill."


I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Harry, I don't want a kid! I'm too young AND it's going to help my period, this time I'm late instead of early. I need them to be right. So I'm sorry if I didn't tell you. I'm stressed out about my period." Harry sighed and then was silent. "When I get home, I want you." I said. I heard Harry chuckle "Oh yeah?" and I nodded. "Mhmm."


The door opened and I looked at my doctor. "Harry, I have to go. see you when I get home." I said and hung up. "That your partner?" I put my phone in my pocket. "Sort of." "Might want to let him know you're pregnant."


My mouth dropped and I became weak. "Pregnant?" I was going to have a baby?...




The drive home was a blur. I had so much on my mind about babies and how I was going to tell Harry we were having a baby.


When I pulled up to the apartments Harry was already outside on his phone.


I got and walked over to him.


"Hey" he said wrapping me in a hug. "I just booked a hotel room for you and me." I rested my head on his shoulder. "So, we will go get your birth control and head out there."


I started tearing up. "I'm not on the pill." "What?" "Harry, I'm pregnant." I said. I needed to get out and over with.


Harry pulled back from the hug "What?" "My blood work showed it, I guess." Harry shook his head "But...i used condoms! It shouldn't-" "it could of been old or maybe it had a hole in it." I walked up the stairs to the apartment. Harry turned and watched "Where are you going??" he asked and I turned. "To finally tell my mother I've been sleeping with her husband."


Harry chased me up the stairs. "No, baby! don't tell Rae!" he said grabbing me. I pushed him back a bit. "Stop Harry! This time I'm for real!" I touched the doorknob and he pulled my hand away. I was really getting irritated.


"No..." I looked at him. "Shes going to find out once I start getting bigger!" "Tell her it's Nathan's for now." he said as I yanked my arm away. "Ew! No!" I reached for the doorknob again and opened it. "This is your baby, Harry, take responsibility. You helped make it!!" I said quietly and shut the door behind me. "Mom?" I called out.


"I am begging you, not now!"he said and I walked in the living room and found my mom on the couch. "Mom, I need to tell you something..." she looked up at me. "What dear?" I looked at Harry who was freaking out inside. "I'm pregnant." I said and she nodded. there wasn't much she could do since I was 19. I looked at Harry who covered his mouth.


"And-" I choked up and closed my eyes. This was going to hurt her.


"Harry's the baby's father..." I said lowering my head and began crying.

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