My Mom's Boyfriend (16+)

Trayka lives with her mom in a two bedroom apartment in Greentown, Indiana. Her mom works two jobs and Trayka is more involved with her boyfriend than anything in her life. She was good in school, she studied every time she had a test coming up. She didn't know her biological dad. But when her mom meets a new guy from The UK and flies him out to move in with her, Trayka finds him different from all the others before him


16. Rough

Chapter 16



I jumped out of the shower before we left the hotel, just in case I couldn't have one tonight. I shaved, washed my hair and my body fast, so Harry could have one before we left. I wrapped my towel around me. I took a part of it and wiped off the fogged mirror and stared at myself.


I held my stomach and then parted the towel. I turned and smiled at my flat stomach. The baby isn't fully grown, but I know they are in there. They're growing and have mine and Harry's love forever and they know it.


I then thought about it and realized I was a teenage mother and my baby's daddy was 5 years older than me. I took my hands off my stomach and covered my stomach back up.


I put my hands on the counter and hung my head. I felt like crying. My mom was right, I was a whore.


Harry walked in with sleepy eyes and he yawned as he shut the door. I turned and looked at him. "Hey babe." Harry kissed me on the lips and grabbed my face. "Hi" I said shyly. "What's wrong, my love?" he held my waist.


I looked back down and stared at the floor. I didn't want this baby as I think of it. I love them, but I can't keep them.


I looked back up at Harry and sniffled. "I don't want our baby." I forced the words out, I didn't want to say it, but I did. He had to know how I felt.


Harry looked at me and took his hands off of me and I looked away. I started tearing up. "I'm sorry." I said and my voice trembled.


Harry trapped me against the counter and stared at me in my eyes. "Why don't you want our child?" he asked and I looked up at him. "I'm not made to be and mom, Harry." Harry cocked his head to the side. "What makes you say that?" "I'm only 19 years old." I wiped my eyes. I wasn't fit to be a mom, I'd be no better than my mother. I can't raise a baby.


Harry pulled me closer to him and held my waist. "But you're all women to me, baby." he smirked and kissed me. When his lips hit mine, I felt how soft they were.


I gently bit down on his bottom lip and looked at him. "Harry..." I said softly when I let go of his lip. Harry picked me up off the ground and placed me on the counter. He kissed my neck, down my bare chest and then took the towel off my body. He continued kissing my chest and all the way down my body.


I felt Harry's tongue below play with me. I moaned and covered my mouth to keep myself from moaning too loud. "So tasty, baby." he said against me and then stuck his tongue out more and shook his head. I grabbed his curls and pulled them. "Fuck!"


Harry moved faster as I grinded my hips on his mouth. I guided his head with my hand as I pulled the beautiful curls. "Harry," I breathed and tilting my head back. "feels so good!" I moaned and then bit my lip.


"You're sexy, sexy. I got things I want to do to you. Make me, make me, make my tongue just go do-do-do. Flex it, flex it, Flex your muscles, and go through the roof. Arrest it-rest it, cause it's just criminal."


My phone started going off with "Get It Right" by Miley Cyrus. It was plugged into the bathroom wall, because there was only one outlet and Harry was using it. Harry stayed between my legs and I looked down to see who it was. My cousin Nia was calling and she always called at the worst times, like she knew. I picked it up before I answered it and looked at Harry, I breathed deeply and grabbed his hair. "Baby..." I said softly.


I tried pulling him away, but he wouldn't breakaway. "Harry..." I tried harder, but still, nothing.


I sighed and slid the answer button and breathed. "Hello?" "Hey, what is going on?" I looked down at Harry and then back up. "Nothing." I replied and heard Harry suck. I bit my lip to hold in my moans, I couldn't let her know what was going on in this bathroom. "No," she said "I mean with your mom. My mom called her and she was upset, and all my mom knew was that you guys got into it." I bit my finger and closed my eyes as I felt Harry suck my clit again. "Yeah," I said through clenched teeth.


Harry looked up at me with his tongue out as he licked all the way from bottom to top. He kissed my clit gently and lightly and pulled away. "So fucking good, baby." he whispered and I smiled and shook my head. I moved my phone from my mouth so Nia wouldn't hear. "You're an asshole." I giggled and Harry kissed it again as he smirked and got up.


"Well, what happened?"she asked. I watched Harry undo his pants and looked up at him. I raised my eyebrows and shook my head with a smile. "No, Harry!" I whispered. Harry grabbed my hips and pulled me closer to him and I knocked over my hairspray and hairbrush. I laughed a bit and looked at Harry and tried slapping him away. "Trayka, what was that?" Nia asked. "What?" I smiled up at Harry and shook my head again. "Nothing, I just dropped my hairspray and brush."


Harry's thick dick slapped against his abs and I stuck out my tongue and licked my lips and stared up at Harry. "What happened?" she asked again. Harry entered me and I covered my mouth as a tiny moan left my mouth. "Nia," I squeezed my eyes shut when I felt Harry's length stretch me out. "I really have to go." I said and looked down at Harry disappearing inside me. I tilted my head back and it hit the counter. I furrowed my eyebrows and parted my lips as Harry slammed into me. "Why, can't you just tell me?"


"Oh...." I looked back up as I felt Harry hit my g-spot. "fuck!" I whispered to Harry. "WHAT IS WRONG?!" Nia asked and I put my head back down. "I just got into it with her..." I breathed out. "I-I'll tell you the rest...later!" and I had to hang up. I couldn't hold it anymore.


I leaned up and pulled Harry into me by the necklaces he wore. I kissed him and his hand rubbed my clit and made me moan out more. I dug my nails into his shoulders and I knew I was about to reach my high and he was, too. "Harry..." I breathed, just about to hit it when there was a knock on the door.


"Mr. Styles?" they called out and Harry looked up. He checked his watch "Shit...." he got up off of me and wrapped a towel around him. I leaned up and looked Harry, I could still feel myself throbbing and wet. "Baby get dressed. Fast!" I jumped off the counter and picked up my clothes that fell from when Harry pulled me down more.


"Who is it, baby?" I asked pulling my panties on. "We missed checkout." I closed my eyes and facepalmed. "Dammit." I pulled on my jeans and buttoned them. Harry put his clothes on and I threw on Harry's Ramones shirt. I put my socks on and slipped my converse on and we walked to the door. "Fix your sex hair." Harry smiled and I glared up at him. "Fix yours!" I smiled back.


Harry opened the door and we were told to check out now. And we did. 


We walked outside and I stared at Harry. "Where do we go now?" I asked. Harry looked away from the busy streets and looked down at me. He shrugged and we walked me along the sidewalk. He held me tightly and we walked. I don't know where, but we walked.




Harry's pov


It was reaching 7:45 at night and we still had no where to go. Trayka was shivering as the wind was hitting her face. "Harry, I'm cold." she said. She almost had tears in her eyes and it brought me to the edge. "Baby," I said and looked around. I saw a patio that was blocking the direction the wind was blowing. I lead her to it and sat her down and held her tightly.


I was scared. I had no where to take my girl, and on top of that, she didn't want our baby. "Trayka..." she looked up from burying her face in her jacket to keep her face from freezing. "Please, keep our baby." I said and she closed her eyes and sighed. She looked away and so did I.


"I can't Harry." she wiped her pretty eye. "Why not?" I asked and maybe I was pushing my luck, but this was a baby. MY baby- OUR baby. "BECAUSE HARRY!" she snapped back and bursted into tears. I stared at her as she cried "We have no where to go! How can I raise a baby on the streets?" I looked down, because I didn't even think of that.


I buried my face in my hand and began to cry. This was not a right time to bring a child into the world.


The door to the patio we were sitting in front of opened and a little old women came out. "Hello?" she called out and we both looked up from behind the patio. She looked over and stared at us. "Who are you guys?" she asked.


I stood up looking at Trayka and holding her up. "I'm sorry, but me and my girlfriend had to get away from the wind. She's pregnant and we had no where to go warm. We'll move if you don't want us here." I started to move away and the old lady stopped us. "Wait," she called out "you guys are welcome to stay here if you'd like." I looked at Trayka and she looked at me. We didn't know for sure if we should crash here or not.


"I couldn't  leave you guys out here in the cold. Please come in?" she insisted.

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