My Mom's Boyfriend (16+)

Trayka lives with her mom in a two bedroom apartment in Greentown, Indiana. Her mom works two jobs and Trayka is more involved with her boyfriend than anything in her life. She was good in school, she studied every time she had a test coming up. She didn't know her biological dad. But when her mom meets a new guy from The UK and flies him out to move in with her, Trayka finds him different from all the others before him


12. Revenge

Chapter 12.


I heard Rae say my name. I looked back with tears in my eyes and I didn't care for her to know why by this point. "What's wrong?" she asked from the stairs. I sighed and shook my head. "Nothing." I clenched my phone.

She came down a few steps and stopped. "Why are you crying then?" she asked and I clenched my phone tighter and tighter. I felt myself become angry and ready to burst. All I could think about was that stupid dickhead on top of her. I clenched my teeth and breathed heavily.

I raised my arm and chucked my phone at the wall. I cried harder after I threw it and turned back around. Rae jumped and stared. She's never seen me like this. "Harry..." She said weakly and I covered my tired and sad eyes. "Just don't ask Rae, you won't want to know." She didn't say anything, but I heard her.

I felt her arms around me and I closed my eyes. I just wanted Trayka more than anything. "But I want to know," she said in my ear. "you think I can't handle it, but I can."I sighed. "No, I can't tell you, so you might as well stop asking." Rae backed off after I said that and I instantly felt bad.

"I'm sorry." I said. I sighed and looked up at her. "I just think we need to go home now." I just wanted to see Trayka again. I wanted to fix things and make them better. I wanted her away from Nathan.

Rae lifted her and looked into my eyes. "It's our honeymoon." I nodded "I know, but I'm just home sick and the longer I'm away, the crankier I'm going to get." Rae looked away and sighed. "I am getting calls from work, though I told them no calls. things are falling apart over there. I guess we can go home." I smiled and afterwards we packed our bags to go home.






*Day Later*


I was blaring my music in my room. Miley Cyrus just released her new CD Bangerz and I've been blaring this shit since it came out. "Do My Thang" is my favorite. There is also a song called "FU" and I dedicate that one to Asshole Harry. I'd dedicate "Get It Right" to him if we were still a thing, but we aren't. I'm still mad at him. I'm sick of him screwing my mom, so to get him back, I'm screwing Nathan. It's a big "F U" to him.

My phone started going off and it was my mom. I turned off my music and answered.

"Hello?" "It's me." she said and I rolled my eyes. "Shocker." I said and waited for her to tell me why she was calling. "Harry and I will be home in a few, smart ass." my stomach dropped. "Why so early?" I looked around and I felt my body start going numb. "Harry wants to come home. But once I get there I'm going to have to go straight to the hospital. Things are not good there."

Harry wanted to come home, ONLY to fix things between us and that was not going to happen. I hated him for what he said. He broke my heart and I cried and cried for him. But I was done and over it. DONE.

"Mom..." "We're almost home, so just wanted to call you and tell you, baby." I thought about asking Nathan to come over to make Harry jealous, and that's what I'm going to do. I hung up the phone and called up Nathan.

"Hello?" Nathan answered. "Nathan get over here!" "You want a round two?" he said with a chuckle. "Nathan, shut up and get over here! I'm serious!"  I was determined for Harry to catch me in the act with Ian.






I pulled Ian out of the closet. "My mom left to go to the hospital and Harry just went to get in the shower. Just follow my lead." "Follow your lead?" Nathan stopped and stared at me. "I thought this meant something?" I chuckled. "Don't be silly, Nathan. I want to stomp on his heart like he did mine."  I grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hallway again. "Now, come one." I led him down the hall some more. "Trayka..." Nathan said. I turned and looked at him. "Nathan, please? Please just help me out." Nathan let go of my hand and tried walking away and I ran in front of him. "No. Nathan, just- just stay please." Nathan sighed and looked down at me. "Trayka, I don't want to be your back up guy." I don't know what gave him the idea that he meant that much to me.


"Nathan, I promise. I won't do this again. Just-" I looked at the couch and at Nathan. "I need him to see me with another guy. He needs to know how it feels for me." a tear streamed down my face and I looked down and sniffled. Nathan sighed again and then I felt my head be lifted up. "Don't cry, baby." I looked down and cried more. I wanted Harry to know how it feels to see the one you love with another person. Because it hurts and it sucks more than anything.


I sniffled once again and then heard Nathan's voice. "I'll help you. As long as I'm kissing you, it's good for me. At least I get that much." I looked up at him and I realized at that moment how much I've actually hurt him. I've caused him so much hurt and pain since Harry. I really just abandoned him and left him out of my life. I've been so preoccupied with Harry that I've left him out of almost everything. I didn't even tell him my mom was getting married and my mom was like his mother.


"Nathan..." I spoke and he grabbed my hand. "Come on, let's do this." he took my hand and led me to the couch. I sat down as I stared at him and felt pity for him and that was all. For everything I ever did to him. Nathan smiled and crawled on top of me. I stared up at him and bit my lip "I'm sorry for everything I ever did to you." my hands stroked his cheeks and a smile appeared on his face. "I get it, you're in love now. Hearts change and people do, too. I understand." I smiled and tears filled my eyes. I locked lips with him and he laid on top of me, pressing against me hard. His hands felt up my shirt and fondled with my breasts. I moaned into his kiss, we were getting into it.


I heard the bathroom door open and my stomach released butterflies, because I knew he was about to see me. He was about to feel everything I have felt, lose sleep, just like all the sleepless nights I've had because of him and cry every little tear I have cried for him.


I pulled Nathan deeper into the kiss and grinded against him the best I could.


"Trayka?!?!" I heard Harry's raspy deep voice and smiled into the kiss, because my plan...


it worked.

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