My Mom's Boyfriend (16+)

Trayka lives with her mom in a two bedroom apartment in Greentown, Indiana. Her mom works two jobs and Trayka is more involved with her boyfriend than anything in her life. She was good in school, she studied every time she had a test coming up. She didn't know her biological dad. But when her mom meets a new guy from The UK and flies him out to move in with her, Trayka finds him different from all the others before him


19. One In Ten

Chapter 19
One In Ten

"Love doesn't come in perfect packages. That means I qualify." - Third Eye Blind, One In Ten

Harry nudged my shoulder and took my headphones out of my ears. We were at this place because Rose had left something for Harry and I in her will. Her son, her niece and her 18 year old granddaughter were all there, too. I didn't really like her much. She kept staring and smiling at Harry and it was on my nerves. 
We sat in a room with a guy who sat at a desk in front of us. I held Harry's hand and waited for the guy to tell us what we got in the will. It was probably just Sparky, so why couldn't they just give us the dog and leave? We hadn't known Rose that long, so it's not like we get money or anything.
The guy took out a piece of appear with Rose's handwriting on it. "Dear my dearest family and friends," he began and I looked up at him. "you are here today to take what I am giving you. I am given you what I think you deserve. Bobby, my loving handsome son, I am giving you your fathers watch. The one you have wanted since you were just a small boy. Take good care of it, I trust you with it." 
All he got was a watch from his father. But I understand, he lost his father and I lost my mother. I still love her, even though we didn't get along so much since me and Harry came out. But she's my mom, and she always will be even though she hates me. I just wished I would of said I love you to her. 
"Trayka and Harry, I am leaving you Sparky and the property and what's left of my money." "WHAT?!" Everyone jumped out of their seats along with me and Harry. "They get the money?!" Rose's granddaughter gushed with anger. "All I get is her stupid vanity?!" "That was worth a lot of money!" Bobby said to his daughter. Harry and I were still in shock. We could start over together.


My moms funeral was today and I was forced to to by Harry. I guess I should to pay my last respect to the woman who gave me life.

I was hoping it wouldn't be open casket, but my luck it was.

Walking in, people stared at me and I knew why. They knew I stole Harry away from her. "Harry," I said slightly turning and noticing my aunt Kay walking up to me.

"What are you doing here, you little slut?" she was drunk and upset. And causing a scene. I gulped and fought tears. That's what everyone in this family thought of me as, a slut.

"She's my mother." I replied quietly trying to not cause it to become bigger. "I wanted to pay my respects to her." My Aunt Kay laughed. "Rae wouldn't of done the same for you if it were opposite." I swallowed a hard lump and covered my face.

"You were nothing but her slut of a daughter." I felt Harry grab my waist to comfort me. "I thought family was supposed to support each other?" Harry spoke up and I uncovered my face. I don't want him saying anything. Not to these people. "Harry, don't." my aunt made a noise out of disgust. "I have a lot to say to you," she pointed at Harry and walked towards him. "you sick son of a bitch." I stepped in front of him and stood before her. "Don't call him that because he loves me, Kay." she stopped in front of me. 

I thought she was going to hit me. She looked do mad that I would stand up to her. 

"Look who's coming out of her shell?" she laughed. "You get a older boyfriend and you think you can pretend you stand up for yourself." I balled my fist and this time, I was sure I was going to hit her. Harry picked me up and moved me to the side. He knew I was getting angry and he didn't want me to do something stupid. He looked at me and shook his head. "Don't." 

He turned back to Aunt Kay and smiled. "I had always wanted to meet you. Rae had said some lovely things about you, she said you were sweet and about the nicest person. But meeting you now, I have to laugh. All I see is a drunk angry and miserable person wish I hadn't met at all." My eyes widened and my mouth dropped.

Harry grabbed my hand and we walked outside to the parking lot. I kept my eyes on Harry as we walked. He didn't have to stand up to my family that he didn't even know. 

"Harry, you didn't have to-" he interrupted me right there. "Yes, I had to stand up for you." "I had it Harry." Harry turned and grabbed my shoulders. I looked in his eyes and I saw pain. Pain for the both of us. "You're not a slut, Trayka. You know that I love you and I know you love me." "I know Harry." I said. Harry looked down at the ground and frowned. Normally, I would ignore something like this. But it's hard to ignore this kind of thing when it's your own family harassing you. I'm called a slut and he's called sick for loving each other.

"I could never stop loving you." I said and Harry looked up. The wind blowing in his brown hair and a smile came across his pink lips. "I don't want to love anyone else, Harry." I said taking his hands in mine. "I've made my choice of where I want to be for my whole life." I played with the ring on his middle finger. "And where would that be, my love?" I looked up into his eyes and then down at his chest. I smiled as I starightened his tie and then looked up. "Your arms." I finally replied. Harry sighed and held my tiny hands in his. "And I think I made mine, too." he said wrapping them around his neck. My fingers instantly ran through his hair as I looked into his eyes deeper. "Yeah?" Harry nodded and our forheads touched. I giggled as Harry kissed my lips gently and chuckled. "So if I ask you something, I need you to answer it truthfully and you have to be ready. Alright?" I looked at him and he held me tightly to him. "Okay." I said unsure what he was going to ask. I always hated when people would say this kind of stuff before they asked me a question. It was always bad for me. 

Harry chuckled again, "You look scared love." I shook my head, even though I was. "No." I breathed. He smiled against my lips as he leaned in. "Will you marry me?" he whispred. 


12 years ago:

I put on my mommy's old veil she had from when she married my daddy. I stood in front of her mirror and smiled as I held my teddy bear in my arm. Mommy had been cleanining out her closet since daddy left us. She was getting all of his stuff out. 

"Mommy?" I asked holding it on my head. Mommy was looking through a old album of when I was a baby. "Yeah baby?" she continued looking through it. "Will I ever get married?" she looked down as she threw the album aside and smiled. She walked around and sat on the bed next to the mirror. "Of course, baby." I looked back in the mirror and smiled. "You're gorgeous and some boy will fall in love with you instantly someday." She reached over and put the veil down in my face and giggled. "Just don't be a runaway bride. You'll break his heart." she picked me up and sat me on her lap. 

"What are you thinking? A white wedding?" I shook my head and laughed. "No, mommy.  I don't like white!" I said looking up at her laughing at her. "You don't white?" "No, pink." I said quickly. "Pink everything. I want a pink princess dress and pink flowers."  My mom smiled and rolled her eyes as she put me down. "Heaven help the man you marry." 



The memory took me back and brought tears to my eyes. I wanted so badly to get married someday. 

"So what do you say, baby?" Harry asked and I looked up. I kissed his lips softly and felt more tears threaten my eyes. This was a happy moment for me. We pulled back and Harry looked me in the eyes. "That a yes?" I smiled and nodded "Yes." and we kissed passionately again. 

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