My Mom's Boyfriend (16+)

Trayka lives with her mom in a two bedroom apartment in Greentown, Indiana. Her mom works two jobs and Trayka is more involved with her boyfriend than anything in her life. She was good in school, she studied every time she had a test coming up. She didn't know her biological dad. But when her mom meets a new guy from The UK and flies him out to move in with her, Trayka finds him different from all the others before him


11. Hearts Are Breaking

Chapter 11

Hearts Are Breaking


"I can't believe my daughter is a fucking slut!" My mom pointed at me and I cried into my hands some more. She looked at Harry and was furious. "How fucking dare you! I can't believe you touched her!" My mom said and I heard her slap Harry.


looked up at her "DON'T TOUCH HIM EVER AGAIN!" I yelled and she turned. My mom turned to me. "He is sick! You're gonna defend him?" she asked. "Yes, I love him, mom!" I yelled back.


. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . .

. .



"I love him..." "I love him..." I woke up and was on my bed with Nathan over me. "Trayka..." He tried waking me up. When I did Nathan stared down at me. I got up and stared at him and was so confused. I looked down at my arms and saw no deep cuts, no blood and no stinging. I must of passed out as soon as I hit my bed.


"Oh thank god." I thanked everything I was okay, it was all okay...I was okay physically, but mentally, I wasn't. I was a fucking train wreck and nobody could see it.


"Thank god, what?" Ian asked and I looked at him. "Nothing. Just had a dream, I thought it might of happened." I held my wrist and smiled, I looked back at Nathan and narrowed my eyes. "How in the hell did you get in here?" I asked him. "Some older women let me in. Who is it? I've never seen her before..." "It's Harry's mom." I replied. Nathan let out a laugh and I stared at him. "What do you find so funny?" I asked. When Nathan finally caught the breath to speak, he came back with, "You're 19 years old and you need a baby sitter." I raised my eyebrow.


It was pathetic, but my mom was protective over me. She always has, and yes, it was very annoying. I'd like to be a normal 19 year old and do normal 19 year old stuff, but I still had to hold mommy's hand.


I rolled my eyes. "First of all, you know why. You know my mom is protective. And second, why are you even here?" I asked. "I thought you hated me." I looked away and his smile quickly frowned. "No, I don't hate you. I mean, I was upset that you like your step dad." I closes my eyes. "He's not my step dad, I mean, he is..." I was lost for words. I can't explain what Harry was, because he wasn't my boyfriend, but he wasn't my dad either.


"He's my..." I thought of something. We had to be something. "Fuck buddy?" Nathan asked and I broke out of thought. "What?" Nathan looked serious but humorous at the same time. "He's your fuck buddy. He wants to stay with your mom, yet he wants you, too." I shook my head and fought the tears that were coming. Harry wasn't that kind of guy, he would use me just for sex...would he?


"He's not like that, Nathan." he raised his eyebrows and smiled. "I don't blame him. You're hot!" I said nothing, I looked away awkwardly.


Nathan moved closer and closer. I scooted away and looked down at the floor. "Nathan..." I said and he smiled. "What?" I stood up and looked at him. "Don't act like you don't know what." I said. Nathan looked at me and smirked. "He better than me?" I narrowed my eyes. "Why do you ask that? I mean, seriously Nathan? Come on." I turned my head. "So he is?" "Yes" shit. I didn't mean to say that out loud. I squeezed my eyes shut and heard Ian move off the bed. I turned around and saw Ian wrapping his tanned arms around me. "Come on, baby." his face buried in my neck. I looked in front of me as he took in my scent. "I can make you forget about him." and Nathan kissed my neck like he used to.


I rolled my eyes. Cocky mother fucker...I thought to myself.


But I did really want to get back at Harry for breaking my heart, because I gave him everything and Nathan was right, I was nothing to Harry, just his little sex toy. That's all he wanted...there was no love. No love at all for me, he just had a sexual attraction to me.


I turned around and locked lips with Nathan and put my tongue into his mouth, letting him know that now, I needed him...


. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . .

. .



About 13 minutes later:


Nathan had me on my back by this time and was giving me what I wanted and you could tell he was pushing himself to go harder and to be better than Harry. He wasn't  close, but I wanted this to happen just so I could tell Harry that I fucked another guy and if I needed it, Nathan would tell him the truth.


I had turned my head to look at Nathan and when I did, I saw Harry. What the fuck?!?! I stared at him and he smiled. I shook my head a little and shut my eyes. It had to be my mind fucking with me, I mean it was, but fuck, I can't be thinking of Harry right now. I didn't want to think of Harry...oh no.


I opened my eyes back up and saw Nathan again, but I was kinda disappointed to see Nathan again, to be honest. I closed my eyes again, thinking if I did, Harry would come back. He did. I imagined Harry on top of me kissing my chest. I let out a moan and bit my lip. I shut my mouth as I remembered it wasn't Harry, it was Nathan. But I couldn't help remembering how good Harry felt inside me. How his hard torso felt against my small torso. Another moan escaped my lips, even louder than the last. "Harry..." I breathed. Nathan shot up and looked at me. "Harry?"





. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . .

. .



I don't think it bothered Nathan much that I screamed Harry's name, because he just kept going. I still wanted to piss Harry off though.


Harry's POV

*In Aruba* *3 days after*


Rae was out  and looking around, because I wasn't feeling well. I was in bed thinking of Trayka and how I really screwed things up with her. I fucking loved her more than anything. I wanted her mum to be her. I felt my tears sting my eyes as I thought of her face and her beautiful smile. Me and that girl had every right to be together, dammit. I don't care what anyone says, not even Rae.


Just at that moment, Rae walked in. I got up and tried to gain the confidence to finally tell Rae that I was in love with Trayka. Rae entered the room and smiled at me. "Hey baby, you feeling better?" she asked and I didn't respond as she leaned into me and kissed me. I just stared at her and looked stupid.


Fuck...say something...


"Rae, I have to tell you something." I finally said and she put down a bag full of sea glass. She smiled. "I'm having such a great time here, baby. Really." she kissed my cheek. "I'm so happy to be The Mrs. Styles." she turned and I laughed nervously. "Yeah, well this is kinda what this is about....I-" she looked back at me and at the exact moment her phone went off. She smiled and looked at it. "It's mom. Hold on, baby. I have to take this." she held up her finger at me and walked into the other room.


I sighed and turned around looking out the window at the ocean. I missed Trayka alot, I wanted to fix things more than ever with her. Just then, my phone buzzed and I reached in my pocket to only read the most heartbreaking and heart sinking text anyone could ever get.


From: Trayka

Hope you're having fun in Aruba. Just know I'm having my own fun here, Nathan takes care of me everynight. ;)


I looked up and stared at the ocean as tears flooded my eyes and my heart shattered into a million pieces.


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