My Mom's Boyfriend (16+)

Trayka lives with her mom in a two bedroom apartment in Greentown, Indiana. Her mom works two jobs and Trayka is more involved with her boyfriend than anything in her life. She was good in school, she studied every time she had a test coming up. She didn't know her biological dad. But when her mom meets a new guy from The UK and flies him out to move in with her, Trayka finds him different from all the others before him


18. Destruction

Chapter 18



"Get  in the basement!" Rose called as the sirens blared through the city. Harry grabbed things from upstairs and grabbed my hand and helped me down the stairs. I hadn't been feeling too good that day anyway, and being in a life or death situation, I pushed myself through it. I held my stomach down each step I took and Harry waited for me. I looked up at Harry, "How big is it?" I asked him. Harry looked down and continued helping. "Big enough." I pressed my lips together and hit the last stair and walked to the basement door. I only hoped my mom was safe. She's an upstairs apartment, so the only safety she has is the bathtub. 

Harry helped me down the basement floor. "Hold the rail babe." Harry said and I grabbed it tightly. "I got it." I replied and walked down the tiny steps. If I wasn't pregnant, I'd be flying down these steps, I would waste no time. "Harry, can you try and call my mom? She won't answer my calls ever." Harry nodded and helped me down the last stair. "Yeah," Harry handed me some blankets and told me to go lay them down. "give me me a minute." he said. Harry walked over to the corner and called my mother. 


The phone rang and I heard Rae pick up. "I have nothing to say to you, Harry!" was the first thing she said to me. "Rae, please, listen. You need to find a safe place to hide." I said ignoring her hateful tone she used with me before. "I grew up in Nebraska, Harry. A F2 is nothing to me. You having fun with my whore daughter?" I gripped the phone and balled my free hand up at her calling her a whore. I unclenched it when I looked over at Trayka, she made me more calm and that's what I needed. "Find somewhere safe, Rae. Your 'whore' daughter was the one who wanted me to call you." I heard her make a 'pfft' sound and I rolled my eyes. "I could care less about that little bitch." and she hung up. Trayka looked over and stared at me as I took my phone away from my ear. "What did she say?" she asked. "She alright?" I slid my phone in my back pocket. "She's fine." I replied. Trayka just stared at me and I shrugged "What?" I asked her. "You're not telling me something." she said and I looked away. "Just go lay down babe." 

Rose turned on the radio and the weather service said the tornado was now headed for Flora, which was 10 minutes away from us. "Sparky!" Rose said and jumped up. "Sparky is outside, I forgot him!" Trayka got up and walked towards the stairs. "I got him, I have to walk anyway. I'll be quick." I grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "No, Trayka, don't even do it." she tried yanking her arm back, but I wouldn't let go. "Yes, Harry. I'm not letting a poor little dog be swooped up by the tornado." "And I'm not letting my girlfriend and kid killed." she yanked again and broke loose. "I'm doing it. I'll be fine, Harry." and she walked up the stairs.


I opened the basement door and saw the sky a greenish grayish color. I gulped and saw Sparky outside barking at the sky. I opened the back door and looked out. "Sparky, come on." I called out to him and he kept barking. "Sparky!!! Let's go boy!" still barked at the sky. I walked out with a sigh and was going to get him. He looked over at me and whimpered. "What?" I asked taking the chain off off his collar. The wind was blowing like crazy and I heard a sound, that sounded like jet planes. Sparky was looking the other way crying as I picked him up. I looked over and saw the tornado coming my way, but yet my feet were nailed to the ground. I felt tears hit my eyes and my life flashed before them, because I knew now, I was going to die. 

The ground was shaking and rumbling and I started to breathe fast and heavily. "TRAYKA!!!" Harry called out and ran over to me and picked me up off the ground. He ran as fast as he could with both me and Sparky inside the house, but before we could reach the basement door, the tornado was right on top of us. He opened the tiny closet door and shut it and laid on top of me and Sparky. I began crying harder as I heard glass shatter and wood being thrown around with furniture. The sound of the tornado was the scariest sound in the world. The house was shaking and you could feel almost everything, the wind was so powerful. 

I thought about dying in this closet. It was all I could think about, me, my baby and Harry. My baby hasn't even lived and Mother Nature has to be a bitch and destroy it. 

You could hear power lines being destroyed and going insane. Harry kissed my head gently, I think he thought we were going to die, too. I grabbed his hand and held it tightly as the house still shook and rattled. 


I felt Trayka grab my hand tightly and I felt tears hit my eyes. I thought we were going to die for sure. The tornado was destroying everything and you could hear it like you were outside watching it. The eerie sound, you would never know the wind could make such a scary sound. You heard doors opening and closing, windows shattering, people screaming, things be thrown around, then, silence. Everything became quiet and no one or nothing made a sound. "Is it over?" Trayka whispered and I got up and opened the door to only see devastation. 

People started walking out and looking around. Again, it was so quiet as I took Trayka's hand and looked outside and saw half of Rose house gone. Trayka was in shock as she began crying and covered her face. She still had ahold of Sparky. I looked to the sky and saw the clouds breaking apart fast where the tornado and funnel broke. The wind still blew and made a scream behind. This was seriously something out of a scary movie or something. Trayka moved closer to me and I wrapped her in my arms. "Where's Rose?" she asked and I looked over and saw that where the basement was, was completely covered in what was left of the house. Wood, pipes, rubble and everything you can think of. More tears flooded my eyes as I thought of her under all that scared and helpless. 


Flashing lights covered what used to be houses of our once friendly, but now upset neighbors. Trayka stood by me as they were cleaning up where Rose was and I hoped and prayed to go she was okay. I had Sparky in my hands as Trayka waited for them to say they found something. She held my hand and stared over the yellow banner that was up in front of everyone to keep them out. It seemed like forever they have been out here trying to find her and other that have been trapped under all this. 

"Please be okay..." Trayka whispered and I looked over and pulled her closer to me. "Everything will be okay." I said and looked back up when a man called out that he had something. Firemen, paramedics all ran over to the scene. Rose laid on the ground still. They checked her pulse in her neck and wrists. There was no pulse in either and now Rose was dead. Trayka put her face in my chest and cried and tears flooded mine. 

Rose meant everything to us, she took us in when we needed it and gave us a home to live in. We will miss her terribly and never forget the sweet old lady. 


This pain stings more than anyone could ever know. This was all devastating and I couldn't believe all this happened in just a few hours. I pulled away from Harry's chest. "My mom...I need to check on her, Harry." I pulled myself out of Harry's grip and started walking. 


Greentown being as small as it is, I made it to the apartments in 20 minutes and saw that they weren't even standing much more. I felt my knees become weaker and I bent over and fell on my knees as tears hit my eyes more. Harry stood behind me and he knelt down beside me and held me. The sound of my loud cries filled the wet parking lot. 


I choked seeing Trayka like this and knowing there was nothing I could say or do to make her fee any better. She was 19 and didn't have a mother anymore or a father. And the last words her mother said about her was, she could care less about her and called her a bitch and a whore. I wasn't going to tell Trayka this, because it would hurt her more and after today, she's been through enough. 

I held onto her tight and listened to her loud cries and it made me cry harder. 



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