My Mom's Boyfriend (16+)

Trayka lives with her mom in a two bedroom apartment in Greentown, Indiana. Her mom works two jobs and Trayka is more involved with her boyfriend than anything in her life. She was good in school, she studied every time she had a test coming up. She didn't know her biological dad. But when her mom meets a new guy from The UK and flies him out to move in with her, Trayka finds him different from all the others before him


8. Almost Caught Again

Chapter 8


Almost Caught Again



Harry and I crashed through my door. 


He kicked my door shut and then I was up against the wall. "Oh, baby!" Harry pinned me against the wall and my moans escaped my mouth. "Harry..." another moan esaped my mouth as he kissed my neck and gently nibbled. My head hit the wall and I moaned a little more. "Don't marry her tomorrow." I said.


Harry continued nibbling. "I have too, baby." I scrunched up my face and pushed him off. "Why?!" I asked. Harry stared and then tilted his head and covered his face with his hands. "I have already told you."


I felt tears well up in my eyes as I walked to my bed and sat down. I heard Harry sigh as I brought my knees up and lowered my head into them. "You love me, Harry." I said into them. "I know, I do. But baby, she can't know-" "I KNOW!" I looked up and yelled. "She can't know a thing! I know. But how are you ever gonna be with me if you can't even tell her?" I asked and Harry sat on the bed next to me.


He moved my teddy bear and smiled. "Trust me, I wish I was sleeping with you at night. I lay there and think of me holding you and not your mum. When I kiss her, I feel your lips. When I hold her, I smell your perfume. I think of your body in my arms." He pulled me closer and smiled. "Trust me, I want you." His British accent was so sexy.


I bit my lip and smiled. "Do you?" He nodded and smiled as he looked at me with lustful eyes. I unbuttoned his shirt and saw his sparrow tattoos. His fedora was still on his head.


I smiled and looked into his eyes. "Where's your mum, baby." I unbuttoned it and ran my fingers up his strong tan torso. "With grandma." He smiled as he watched me move down between his legs.


I rubbed his erection through his skin tight jeans. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes.


His fingers ran through my hair and I pulled his pants and boxer briefs down.


His erection sprung up and I grabbed ahold of it and smacked it against my tongue. "Oh god." He moaned. "Baby..." He was lost for words.


I smiled and licked it from top to bottom. He smiled as he grabbed it and then held it, telling me to suck on his balls.


My mouth pressed against them and I sucked. I moaned and looked up at him. "Baby, let me fuck!"


I got up and smiled as I pulled the waist of my jeans down.


The front door opened and I looked at Harry. How many times does this bitch have to walk in on us?


Harry pulled up his jeans while he still had a boner. "Shit, shit, shit!" He said. I'm assuming it didn't feel too good.


"Baby?" My mom called Harry fixed his fedora and acted like he was helping me with something.


"Pull out your books! Act like I was helping you study!" He whispered. I grabbed my back pack and

I pulled out my American history book and notes. He turned to a page and I did, too.


The door opened and I looked up from my notebook. And she smiled when she saw us. "Hey." I smiled back at her and so did Harry. "What's going on? You studying?" She looked down and looked at the front of the book. Her face looked confused and she looked back at Harry.


She looked kind of suspicious. I gulped as I looked at Harry. "This is American studies. You're British..."


Oh no...think of something Harry!! Fast, baby!


"I've studied it." she didn't look to convinced. I looked back at him. Surely, he had more.


"On my own. I've always been interested in American history." He cleared his throat as she nodded. She looked at me and stared. "Harry," she said and finally broke away. "Could you help me in the kitchen?" I gulped.


Something didn't feel too right.


Harry looked at me and shut the book. He sat it down next to me and then got up. "Sure love. I just gotta find my ring it fell off. I'll be there in a few." My mom nodded and watched me as she walked out.


Harry looked back and grabbed my hand. "I'm sorry." He said and started to walk out. When he reached the door, he mouthed "I love you" to me and I smiled.



The only thing that sucked was this time tomorrow, mom and Harry will be in Paris and he'll be making love to her and thinking if me...

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