city of love

when 5 friends go the city of love with a teacher that looks out for them and joanna meets harry styles outside of the airplane and he finds her attractive what would go down in paris? but then again what happens in paris stays in paris


4. chapter 4

*Joanna’s P.O.V*

Who’s Jackie talking to, I think to myself while getting some money out of my bag. “hey gorgeous “ I hear someone say behind me. I turn around and see the gorgeous boy I met at the airport.

“harry!” I say while giving him a big hug. he put his hands on my waist and picked me up. He twirled me around while I had my hands wrapped around his neck.

“your staying at this hotel too?”  he asked me with a happy reaction.

“yes , I can’t believe I get to see you again” I tell him with a big smile in my face.

“so what floor you in.” he says in a curious but cute way.

“oh I’m on the fifth floor room 510 what about you” I say to him he didn’t reply but he looked surprisingly cheeky. I had a feeling he was up to something. He only told me he didn’t know yet.

*harry’s P.O.V*

Now that I know Joanna’s room I need to change my room to 509 or 511. ”may I help you” the lady in the register asked me.

“yes, I would like to change my room to a different room” I asked the lady in a polite way.

“sure hun , what room” the lady said . I was so happy this was my chance to get closer to Joanna

“room 511” I said , she looked looked surprised.

“ok hun here’s the key/card” she says handing it to me. Now I have to tell Louis, hope he’s as excited as I am.

“Louis!!” I yell and hear no response …. Where did he go I say to myself

“Louis!!” I yelled out again.

“what happened “ someone says behind me. I turn around and see Louis.

“we changed rooms ok” I said to him.

“are you kidding me, paul is going to get mad at us!” he said while looking upset.

“hold up Louis the room is next to Joanna and I think her friend too” I say to him, his face started to light up.

“you serious” he said in an excited tone.

“yes, let’s go to our room now” I said to him

*Joanna’s P.O.V*

“breanna, mayra, Justin are you guys settled in already” I say to them

“yeah” they all say back.

“well Jackie lets go to bed already” I told her. I kept wondering why Jackie was on her phone 24/7

“HELLO!! Earth to jackie” I said really loud.

“oh what happened” she finally replied.

“who do you keep texting?” I say to her with a curious face.

“oh no one” she replies but I knew she was lieing and I wanted to find out who the mystewry guy was.

“ahuh, sure” I said very suspicious

“what..” she says then starts giggling.

“ I don’t believe you” I said jokingly

“lets go to bed jackie” I said.

“no, I’m not sleepy though” she said

“well tomorrow were going to explore paris” I told her. She got up and went to the restroom but left her phone on the bed. She had gotten a text and I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed her phone and read her text. It said

-I really wish I could cuddle with you right now

I was really shocked to see that it was from Louis. *knock knock* I heard the door , I was wondering who was at the door at this time.

“Joanna! Answer the door, I’m changing” Jackie said really loud.

“okay, hold up!” I yelled back at her. as I started walking to the door I was thinking it might have been breanna, mayra, or Justin. As I opened the door I saw that face again

“harry? Louis?” I say all confused to why they were at the door, but in the inside I was happy to see them.

“what are you doing here” I asked them

“can we come inside love?” Louis said

“oh of course, come in” I say while smiling

“I love what your wearing” harry said with a smirk. I was wearing short shorts with a tank top.

“thanks” I say while laughing and blushing a little. I see Jackie also come out with short shorts and a tank top.

“Louis!” Jackie said with an excited tone while giving Louis a big hug.

“Jackie!” Louis also says with an excited tone

“so what brings you two to our room” I say to both harry and Louis in a curious tone.

“I wanted to see you and Louis kept talking about wanting to see Jackie” harry said as we all giggled, I saw Jackie and Louis flirting with each other.

“so do you guys want to watch a movie?” I say with an excited tone.

“yes, we should watch a scary movie and if you get scared ill cuddle with you Joanna” harry said in this really sexy way.

“ok” Jackie and Louis said. As I put on the movie the last exorcism to watch me and Jackie got scared at one point

“ahhhhh” me and Jackie screamed out loud

*Harry’s P.O.V*

“ahhhhh” I hear Joanna and Jackie scream. I grab Joanna close to me and cuddle with her. As I look up to the corner of me I saw Jackie and Louis cuddling.

“Joanna it’s okay babe, I got you” I told her as she had a big cheeky smile on her face. As I saw Joanna get up I got confused.

“Here Louis and Jackie” Joanna said while handing them a blanket

“Joanna you should of asked me to get them” I told her as I made her sit on my lap

“It’s ok, I needed to get up and get some water anyways” she said . as she sat down on my laps I saw her beautiful brown hair so I started messing with it with my fingers.

“Joanna come closer” I say to her while laughing, as I tangled my feet with hers.

*Louis P.O.V*

As I cuddled with Jackie I saw that she was scared , she wrapped her hands around me. ”Jackie , your safe with me.” As I tell her that she gave me a kiss on the cheek. When she was going to give me another kiss on the cheek I turned to her and kissed her on her lips.

*Joanna’s P.O.V*

As I saw Jackie and Louis kissing I was so surprised. “harry look at louis and jackie” I told him in a low voice.

“Louis and Jackie-“ Harry said out loud as they cut him off

“shhh were trying to see the movie” they said. Me and harry bursted out laughing. A couple hours later we all fell asleep.

    (8:30 AM)

*knock knock* “Joanna answer the door. “ Jackie in her sleepy groggy voice. As I get up I noticed that harry and Louis were in the room.

“Jackie get up” I say with a shocked tone.

“what…wha—oh my glob is that Louis and harry” she says as surprised as me

“yes, Jackie I taught it was only a dream” I say. Me and Jackie didn’t know what to do. *knock,knock* I hear the door I opened the door I was shocked AGAIN. Standing at the door was liam, niall, and zayn.

“sorry to bother you love, but have you seen these two people” liam said while showing me a picture of harry and Louis.

“ohh my goshh… umm come in, it’s a long story” I say as they came in. they were shocked but then started laughing because they saw Louis and harry sleeping.

“so did you guys umm?” zayn said until I cut him off

“ohh no no, we were watching a movie and ended up asleep” I said while I giggled a little

“ohh ok” niall said while laughing.

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