city of love

when 5 friends go the city of love with a teacher that looks out for them and joanna meets harry styles outside of the airplane and he finds her attractive what would go down in paris? but then again what happens in paris stays in paris


3. chapter 3

once we arrived to the hotel i noticed a familiar body."joanna lets get our room keys,im booking with you"jackie said to me while looking around the hotel

"jackie why do you get to you get to room with joanna" exclaimed breanna

"breanna you can room with me and justin" mayra told breanna also looking around the hotel

*harry's P.O.V.*

is it really her. i couldnt stop staring at the beautiful girl across the lobby."harry, mate are you ready to to get the room keys"louis said while glancing at a girl who was with the girl i kept looking at.

"louis are you staring at that girl right there"as louis just stared at harry when he said that

"isnt she lovely"he said. as he said that i was surprised because i realized that it was actually joanna there.

"go talk to that girl mate" i said to louis.i saw louis's face expression, he really taught that joanna's friend was beautiful.

*louis P.O.V*

after i saw her i couldnt help but admire he beauty."hey love" i said to her as i approached her.

"hey" she says with a big smile.

"im louis tomlinson"

"hey louis im jackie" she says while she starts to blush a little.

"what a lovely name for a beautiful girl" i say to her while she starts twirling her hair with her finger.

i really wanted to talk to her so i just said "so your american, i find that very attractive". after my little remark i couldnt believe i had said that out loud.

"well thanks..i guess,well what are you doing in paris?".when she said that i felt my heart race , her voice was so beautiful.

"well,were going to be performimg here" i felt so surprised to her face reaction it was adorable.

"any free backstage passes i can get" she told me, i was actually happy that she said that

"actually i'll put you on the v.i.p list" i said to her while giving her a big smile.

*jackie's P.O.V*

oh my gosh i cant believe im talking to louis. his british accent is so adorable,his eyes, his hair,oh my hes so perfect. "well do you have a girlfriend?"he looked down when i told him my question

"actually i broke up with my ex because something had happened , so im single now and trying to look for the right girl"he said

"well, im single and ready to mingle"i said and he knew i was just joking around in the end.

he looked up and hugged me "love your so beautiful and i really dont want to stop talking to you.". once he said that i started blushing.i jumped when i felt his had slid to my back pocket getting my cell.

"louis what are you doing" i told him a little serious

he chuckled and then replied "dont worry im just typing in my number"i was so happy

his phone vibrated "now i also got your number". once he finished he gave me my cell back ,like a gentelmen he was.he then layed a gentle kiss on my cheek

"bye love, i got to go but i'll text you later"he said with a big smile

"bye" i said but couldnt stop smiling. i got a text and it said

-cant wait to see you again, louis xx

i couldnt stop smiling untill i read what he put his name under in my cell.he put *jackie's boobear/louis*. i really felt my cheeks turn red i started smiling like a fool

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