city of love

when 5 friends go the city of love with a teacher that looks out for them and joanna meets harry styles outside of the airplane and he finds her attractive what would go down in paris? but then again what happens in paris stays in paris


2. chapter 2

*joanna's P.O.V*

"joanna wake up!" i heard jackie"s voice while she started shaking me. I finally opened my eyes.

"what! , what do you want!" i said to jackie in a grumpy mood because she woke me up.

"we're here" she said while laughing. i finally got up to see the window. that's when i saw the eiffel tower, big and beautiful.

*IN TEN MINUTES WE WILL BE LANDING SO PLEASE BUCKLE UP AND THANK YOU FOR RIDING WITH US TODAY* the lady in the speaker said. when we finally got of the plane i went to go get my luggage while the rest went to go in line to get snacks. as i start quickly i run into some tall handsome guy.

" oh my gosh i'm so sorry!" i yelled out in embarrassment.

"it's okay, it's my fault too, i should of watched were i was going" the handsome guy chuckled as he told me. once i looked up and saw his eyes connect with mine i was speechless. he had curly hair with green sparkly eyes that made me have butterflies in my stomach.

"hi i'm harry styles" he said to me while taking of his hoodie. i was shocked when he said he was harry styles.

"um, oh hi harry i;m joanna" i said embarrassed and shocked.

"that's a really beautiful name" he said with a big smile.

"i love your dimples" i said to him trying to keep it cool.

"really well i love your eyes, lips, and everything there is to love" he said which made me start blushing to the point i felt my cheeks red.

"well i have to go get my luggage now so nice meeting you" i say. i knew i had to walk away or i was going to do something really embarrassing.

*harry's P.O.V*

as she starts walking away i realized that i cant let her go like this so then i shout to her "joanna wait!" as she turns around i go up to her with a big smile.

"harry?" she says "what are you doing?"

as i find the words to say , then i tell her "are you staying here in paris?" she looked shock to my question but i guess she found the words to say to me.

"yes i am" she smiled so cute that i felt like i had to protect her .

"here's my number" i said to her while taking out a piece of paper and writing my number.

"thanks she said in a shy voice.

*joanna's P.O.V*

oh my gosh i can't believe that harry styles from one direction gave me his number i taught in my head while saying "thanks" to him. suddenly justin came and punched me in the arm jokingly.

"watch out!" harry told justin in a angry tone.

"harry it's okay, i know him" i said to him.

"are you sure" he said to me

i smiled & replied "yes".

when he left justin looked at me weird and said "whats his problem?"

 i laugh and then replied to him "oh it's nothing". once we got our luggage and everyone was here we got out of the airport and got a taxi to take us to the crillon hotel.

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