city of love

when 5 friends go the city of love with a teacher that looks out for them and joanna meets harry styles outside of the airplane and he finds her attractive what would go down in paris? but then again what happens in paris stays in paris


1. chapter 1

*joanna's P.O.V*

"joanna!" someone yelled your name so loud that u jumped up. you turn around to see your best friends jackie, breanna, mayra, and justin.

"hey guys" i said to them in an excited tone.

"i can't believe we're going to Paris!" jackie yelled out loud all happy.

 "tickets everyone!" our chaperon, mr.jeung, said to us.

"oh my gosh, i can't wait to see the eiffel tower" i said.

"i hope to meet a french guy who is sweet and hot " exclaimed mayra.

"well i want to see the babes there , i heard there very sweet" justin said in a weird but funny way. as we get on the plane we had to sit three in a row. justin, breanna, and mayra sat together , so me and jackie sat together.

"joanna?" jackie said to me in a scared tone.

"yes, jackie?" i said in a confused tone to why she looked scared.

"i'm scared of being on the plane" she told me while trying to calm down.

"don't worry i'm right here, just close your eyes and you won't feel a thing" i said to her knowing it might when she closed her eyes she apparently fell asleep, so as everybody else but me.

"joanna?" i heard someone say my name which scared me because i taught everybody was asleep.

"who's there?" i said because that's the only thing that came to my mind.

"its me, justin" he said , then i started to calm down. justin got out of his seat and sat next to me.

"whats wrong, are you okay?" i told him in a low voice.

"why are you still awake?" he said and when he told me that i didn't really know why i was still awake.

"i'm just thinking" i finally told him. he looked at me with a confused look and finally told me

"well go to sleep already because tomorrow is a big day for us". i gave him a big smile and said

"okay" while he got up and went back to his seat. then i finally closed my  eyes and fell in a deep sleep.

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