All in your head.

When you live in a perfect world you never have to fear, but how long will it be before your perfect world crumbles around you. When John's past starts to catch up to him it won't be long before his perfect world falls.


3. The perfect proposal

Samantha walk in to the house, she walks in to the kitchen and sneaks up behind John. She wraps her hands around him.


Samantha- you’re doing the washing up, today must be a special occasion aye?

John- Can't i do something nice without having to have a reason.

Samantha (laughing)- Are you sure your feeling alright?

John- oh well we will have to wait and see.


We fade to a few minutes later. Samantha is relaxing having a drink. John walks in.


Samantha- Honey you shaking, are you sure your ok?

John- I'm fine.

Samantha- you sure? You don't seem it. 

John- Look I need to ask you a question, possibly the most important question I will ever ask.

Samantha- what is it?


John helps her up and then he bends down on one knee, still holding her hand.


John- you are the most precious thing to me and I want you to know how much you mean to me. Samantha Rivers, will you do me the honour and be my bride?

Samantha- Oh my god John. I, I…I (she goes blank)

John- Samantha are you ok.

Samantha (with a deeper voice)- How could I ever be engaged to someone like you, you’re the reason I’m dead I was happy and because of you I can never be what I wanted to be, you’re the reason that my family has gone through hell. You’re the reason I’m not here any more! Because of you and your stupid gun i'm lying in  a grave. Why don’t you just wake up?!


She punches him.


We cut to Samantha on the phone to her mum wearing the engagement ring.


Samantha (normal voice)- mum he asked me, what do you mean what did I say? Of course I said yes. I can’t believe it. Look I have to go, love you to, see you soon. (she turns to face him) He there Mr, what are you doing on the floor? You’re fiancé need you.


She walks over to him, but  John backs away.


Samantha- Honey what’s wrong?

John- you punched me.

Samantha- What, honey I would never do that to you.


She moves closer.


John- you stay away from me.

Samantha- But John…

John- I said stay away.


He runs out of the house and heads outside. He looks around to see things are fading away and the sky has gone darker.

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