All in your head.

When you live in a perfect world you never have to fear, but how long will it be before your perfect world crumbles around you. When John's past starts to catch up to him it won't be long before his perfect world falls.


1. The Perfect girl.

Exterior- Back of the flats- day.

 John is walking around the back of the flats where he can see his girlfriend (Samantha or Sam to her friends.) He walks up behind her and covers her eyes with his hands.


John- guess who?

Samantha- I wonder who it could be?

John- who else could it be?

Samantha- Someone good looking and with a personality.

John- oh you break my heart (.)

Samantha- I don’t know why you put up with me

John- Because you’re the most beautiful girl I know.

Samantha- what do you want?

John- what do you mean?

Samantha- you only flirt with me when you want something or you’ve done something bad.

John- you make me out to be some selfish Bastard. All I want is for you to stay mine.

Samantha- I love you.

John- I know what’s not to love.


She jokingly hits him and they laugh as they slowly walk off into the distance.


Interior- Johns home- Day.


The two of them are sitting on the sofa. Watching TV. John is just sitting there, looking at his perfect girl.  Her classic beauty made her stand out from all the other girls, but in away that would cause the other girls jealousy, knowing that they could never match her beauty.


John- your so beautiful.

Samantha- I think you must be thinking about someone else.

John- I'm not, your stunning, and radiant and your the girl i want to be with.

Samantha- I love you.

John- so I was thinking about going to university. I mean there’s a couple of courses I want to do And maybe this way I can actually get a job.

Samantha- well what ever you think it’s best. I’ll support you no matter what you do.

John- thanks sweetheart. i…

Samantha- Wake up.

John- what did you say?

Samantha- I didn’t say anything.

John- er yeah you did.

Samantha- I really didn’t.

John- you said wake up.

Samantha- John I didn’t.

John- Sam I know what I heard.

Samantha- look you’re probably just hearing things.

John- yeah you’re probably right. I’m getting a drink do ya fancy one?

Samantha- yeah go on then.


John walks off in to the kitchen looking a bit confused.

Interior- kitchen- day.


John is slowly pouring himself a drink. He starts blinking a bit and puts his hand in his head, he is obviously in pain. He keep having quick flashes of him strangling someone, him holding a gun (while freaking out) and the sight of a dead body. They soon flash away as the sound oh a glass breaking snaps him out of it. We cut to a tight two shot as a young man whispers in his ear.


Man- Wake up John.


John turns around to see no one is there.


John- what the fuck is going on?


We fade away from this scene.




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