All in your head.

When you live in a perfect world you never have to fear, but how long will it be before your perfect world crumbles around you. When John's past starts to catch up to him it won't be long before his perfect world falls.


2. The Perfect friend.

Exterior- around the local area. Day2


John is walking with his mate James, they are both having a casual chat.


James- I'm telling you she liked me.

John- mate, she was with her boyfriend.

James- Hey if i had five minutes alone with her, she would have left him there and then.

John- yeah right (he laughs)

James- mate i'm a ladies man.

John: Right of course you are (.) 

James: i am.

John- Then how come i'm with a girl and your not.

James (with a jokey tone to his voice)- Because when i asked you, you broke my heart in to a million pieces


They both laugh. cut to them bot sitting on a bench. James it listening to some music, but John just sits looking into space.


John- Mate can I ask you something?

James- go on, then shoot.


John has another flash of him holding the gun, but shakes it off.


James- you ok?

John- what me, oh yeah I’m fine.

James- so what was the question you wanted to ask me?

John- me and Sam, we’ve been together for a while now and I’m thinking of popping the question.

James- What really?

John- yeah. I love her James, i look at her everyday and i just can't imagine not being with her. Do you reckon it’s the right time?

James- mate, you’ve been with her for two years and you love her, that's a fact. If you think the times right well you know what you have to do. Wake up.

John- What did you just say?

James- I just said if you think the time is right, you know what to.

John- James you told me to wake up.

James- what? No I didn’t.

John- you did.

James- I didn’t, your probably hearing things.

John- no I didn’t.

James- well you must off.

John- for Christ sake, James I’m not hearing things.

James- just relax ok, probably just nerves.

John- yeah, yeah you’re right. Well then, I got a question I got to find out.

James- good luck mate.


John smiles and walks off.


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