All in your head.

When you live in a perfect world you never have to fear, but how long will it be before your perfect world crumbles around you. When John's past starts to catch up to him it won't be long before his perfect world falls.


4. The perfect end.

John- what the fuck is happening?!

Man- your waking up.


John turns to see a man with a blood on his face. He has a blank look on his face and just goes silent for a moment as he looks at John.


John- who are you, what the hell is happening.

Man- your waking up.

John- What?

Man-how real is this to you?

John- what are you talking about it is real.

Man- do you know who I am?

John- What? No!

Man- maybe this will ring a bell.


He pulls out a gun. John moves backwards in fear with his hands up.


John_ a gun!?

Man- Your gun. The gun you killed me with. Mentally unstable, feeling the pressure of your job, it proved to much for you.

John- I don’t even know you! I've never scene you before, so why don't you fucking leave me alone!


The man fires the gun into the air.


Man- Exactly you didn’t know me, but that didn’t stop you did it?! I screamed I begged you to stop and you shot me! (he calms down) Does this sound familiar? "oh please don't." or maybe "I have a wife and kids!" does that sound familiar?

John- I’m sorry, I’M SO SORRY.

Man- Bu you couldn’t deal with it could you? made yourself your own little world in your head, perfect girlfriend, perfect best mate a Perfect fucking life! While I have nothing!

John- Please I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do anything! I’m so sorry.

Man- wake up John! WAKE UP!

John- what do you mean. Why do you keep saying that, why the hell does everyone say that to me!?

Man- you heard me, wake up.


He fires the gun and there is a big flash, that slowly fades away and we see John lying on the floor somewhere. He wakes up and starts moving around quickly, like he is freaking out.


John- WHERE AM I?! WHERE AM I!? for god sake where am i?!


We fade to a sign saying “Totters lane hospital for the mentally unstable.”

We cut to John curled up in a ball crying.


John- I'm sorry, i'm sorry!


End credits.



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