Hidden Love [Harry Styles]

Summer had moved to London. Summer thought she could get away from her past but when she meets Harry Styles everything changes. Step by step she will discover new things in her life.


3. Mysterious

Summer's POV


I got to school on time. I was on my way in when I felt someone watching me. I turned arounded and saw some kids parking there car. That's werid. "Hello! You must be Summer. The new girl." I turned around and saw a girl my age. She had blue eyes with brown curly hair. "Hello... Who are you." I asked. "I'm Alyssa. I'm the school president. I will be showing around. If you have any questions I'll answer them. Here's your sheudale." she handed me a piece of paper with all my classes. Then the first bell rang. "Let's go! I arrange your classes so we have the same one. We have math." I followed her to class. When we went in everyone was staring at me. "Mr. Gonzalez this is are new student" it was a guy perhaps 25 years old. "Hello you must be Summer. Here's your text books and take a seat to Harry." he handed me two thin text books and led me to my seat. He lead me to a curly head guy, he looked very acttered. I bearly notice he never took his eyes off of me since I came in. I sat down and started taking out my stuff. Harry was watching my every move. He had the most beautiful eyes. 

I smiled at him but he just looked away. What's his prodlem. He's like mysterious.

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