Hidden Love [Harry Styles]

Summer had moved to London. Summer thought she could get away from her past but when she meets Harry Styles everything changes. Step by step she will discover new things in her life.


6. Hotel

Summer's POV


"Summer wake up" I felt someone shaking my shoulder. I open my eyes and saw Harry. Then all the flash backs came flashing back to me. What if he's going to kill me? I backed away but I was still sitting in the seat. "I'm not gonna hurt you Summer" How does he know my name? "How do you my name?" I snap at him. "I know every thing about you?" he smirked. He unbuckled my seatbelt and grabbed my hand. We got out of the helocopiter, I looked and saw we were heading are way in a fancy hotel. We got inside and went to the front desk. "Styles" The lady scanned the computer and gave him the key. "Room B364" he nodded. He pulled my arm but I stayed still. "It could be the easy way or the hard way. Your choice." he whispered in my ear that caused a shiver to crawl down my spine. I faced the lady and said. "Please help me, he's kidnapping me. Please help me he might kill me in the hotel room." she looked at me then back at Harry. "She has problems in her heads and you know she makes up stuff." she nodded. Wait what? "NO! I don't have any problems! He's playing with your head!" I yelled at her which made everyone look are way. "You know what I'm going to take her to are room and clam her down." he grabs my waist and lifts me up. "PUT ME DOWN!!!!!" I started to dang my fist against his back. The next thing I know were inside the hotel room. "PUT ME DOWN!!!" I repeat myself. "Okay!" he puts me down and see the rest of the boys sitting on the bed. I couldn't even look at one of them, I run to the bathroom and lock myself. "Summer! Open this door!" I heard Harry shout. "FINE! Have it your way!" I roll my eyes. Then the door flew open, I look up and see angry looking Harry. He walks over to me and grabs my arm and walks me back to the room. "Harry don't scare her." Louis tells him. I lose his grip and cross my arms. "Why am I here?" I ask all of them. "We can't tell you yet." Liam replies. "So when?" I snap at him. "Tomorrow, when we go to camp." Niall tells me. "Cam- WAIT! What about my aunt?" I yell at them. "She's already at camp." Harry comes in. After a long time of akward silence Louis comes in. "We should go to sleep, we have a long day of head of us." everyone agrees with him. "Goodnight Summer." they all say and leave the room except Harry. "Look I'm really so-" I cut him off. "It's okay but I need you guys to explain it to me what's going on." he nodded. "Do you have something I could sleep in?" I ask him. He goes in the closet and comes back with a shirt and shorts. "I hope they fit you." he hands me them. I go into the restroom and start changing. The shirt fits me bid it reaches to mid-thigh and the shorts were to big for me. OH WELL.


Harry's POV


I was waiting for Summer to come out so I started to watch tv. I heard the door open, I turned around and saw Summer standing there with only a my shirt. I gulped. "The shorts were to big for me." I nodded. she went to the bed and got under the sheets. "Well I'm going to bed" I told her. Right when I was opening the door she stopped me. "Harry can you stay the night with me? If you want?" I nodded. "Thought you never ask." I took off my shirt. I felt her staring at me. "Take a picture it'll last longer." she blushed. I went under the sheets. A couple of minutes later she snuggled up next to me. She's so beautiful I thought to myself. Wait What?! Was I falling for Summer?

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