Hidden Love [Harry Styles]

Summer had moved to London. Summer thought she could get away from her past but when she meets Harry Styles everything changes. Step by step she will discover new things in her life.


5. Gun Shooting

*A Month Later*

Summer's POV


It's been a month already. I got a lot of freinds at school, but I finally got to know Harry's freinds names. It's Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis. I still haven't talk to them but they still do stare at me a lot. I was in first period, math. I still had to sit next Harry. I look over at him and he looks nervous. Wonder why? "Class if you open your text book on-" the teacher was cut off by Harry raising his hand. "Yes Harry" Harry just gives him a look and he noddes. He gets up gets his Back-pack and leaves the room. I never told anyone this not even Alyssa that I fine Harry cute. CUTE! That's it nothing else. It's been thirty minutes already and Harry hasn't come back. Why dosen't the teacher sent someone to check on him. We doing some problems and it was quiet. All of a sodden there was a big explosin on the campus that caused all the schools windows to break. Everyone screamed as we went under the tables. There were sirens going on and gun shoots outside. "EVERYBODY GET UP AND LEAVE THE SCHOOL CAMPUS!!!! I REPEAT LEAVE THE SCHOOL CAMPUS!!!!!" the speaker yelled. Everyone got up when guns shoots came in the room which caused us to go back to the ground. Everyone was screaming, crying, and shouting. That's when someone came into the room. I look up and see Harry dressed all in black. He even had a bullet-proof vest on, ear bud on, and a gun. Behind him were two FBI men's. He ran over to the teacher whispered to him something and handed him a vest and a gun. He ran over to me and handed me a vest. "Put this on we have to go!!!" I grabbed it from is hand and put it on. "EVERYONE GET UP AND LEAVE THE CAMPUS!!!" one of the guys behind him yelled. All the classroom got up and ran out of the room. "What's going on?" I asked Harry as he grabbed my arm and pushed me out to the hallway. "I can't tell you!!!! My jod is to keep you safe!!!!" What does he mean 'Keep me safe'? I just want to know what's going on. The whole school were running down the hallway. We were heading to wards the door when I got pushed to the wall. I look up and see Harry. "Can you be careful you could get shoot." he sticks his head out the door and gives the guys behind a single to go first. They huddle around me and we run out the door m. I look around and see that we're outside. That's when I see the FBI shooting other people dressed in black. I look forward and I see we're running towards a helocopiter. Harry puts me in it and puts my seatbelt on. While he was doing that I see the guys behind him where going to drive this thing. "I'll meet you at the hotel okay?" I look and him. He's going to leave me here? He was about to run away to help the others but I grab his arm to face me. "Stay with me? Please" I whispere to him. He nods and hops on and sits next to me. We start going up the air when I wrap my arms around his waist and place my head on his chest. At first he was shocked then he hugged back. After awhile I feel asleep in this arms.

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