Hidden Love [Harry Styles]

Summer had moved to London. Summer thought she could get away from her past but when she meets Harry Styles everything changes. Step by step she will discover new things in her life.


7. Camp

Amy's POV

I woke up by the sunlight peeking in the curtains. I open my yes and see myself snuggled up next to Harry. OH GOD!!! He has a six-pack and tattos. I don't know what came over me I started to trace my finger over the butterfly he has on his stomach. Then a moan escaped his lips, I look up and see Harry looking down at me. "Good Morning, love" I blushed. "Good morning" I got up and went to the bathroom to change into my clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was a mess. My hair was pointing in every direction. I brushed it and brushed my teeth and left the bathroom. I got out and saw Harry standing there already to go. "Ready?" I nodded. We left the room and went to the lobby and saw the boys and some FBI's waiting to go. We went outside and saw a black van parked we went in and drove off.


*Skip Car Ride*

After a 2 hour ride we finally got there. Harry helped me to get out of the car. I looked up and see a tall building. There was a huge gate around it and security men around to. "So this is 'camp'?" They nodded. I felt someone grab my hand, I look up and see that Harry was holding it. "Come on someone wants to meet you." He led me inside the building with the boys. There was a lady in the desk probable around here 20's. "Hey Rachel" The boys chirped. She looked up and gave us a warm smile.

"Is this her?" They nodded. Her? I looked over at Harry and gave him a confused look. "Rachel where's Carla?" Harry asked her. "She's in conference room." she told him. "Thanks Rachel" he grabbed my arm and led me to a elevator. We all got in and he pressed a button. "Who's Carla?" I asked Harry. "You'll fine out" Fine out? What does he mean by that.

The elevator's doors open and we stepped out. There were people in offices walking around, but they were all wearing black. Then at we reached a big door. Louis opened it and we went inside. There was a woman sitting in on a big table looking at the big screen. On the big screen was a picture of a girl around 8 or 9. "Carla?" she jumped and turned around. She looked at me for a long time and a smiled.


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