What Happened to Them?

If you ask your mom which musical artist she liked back when she was a kid, she will most likely tense up. This is because it is most likely that she liked the band One Direction. The band that was formed in 2010 was lost in a plane crash in 2014. They say nobody made it alive. They are wrong, all five boys made it. The thing is, nobody knows.


1. Where It All Began


"Mom! Where are the suitcase?" I called out.

"I put two in your room! They are on the floor next to your closet!" My mom called back. "I need you to help your sister pack when you are done." I groaned. That would be annoying. My sister's name was Eleanor Louise. For short we called her either El or Lou. Usually El. She was 11, three years younger than me, but we were like best friends. Until she became the annoying younger sister. Then we would fight like crazy. I ran to my room to find a pink suitcase and a black one next to my closet, right where Mom said she put them. I turned on my pink iPhone and plugged it into the iHome that I got for Christmas. I turned it on and put in my password. I clicked the music icon and scrolled down to my albums. Where is it, where is- oh here it is! Take Me Home by One Direction. They are my favorite band. Last year, they went missing. Along with their producer Simon Cowell, their tour manager and security guard Paul Higgins and their hair stylist Lou Atkin. I remember watching on the news that one night suddenly their plane didn't show up at the airport. The reporter said that people working on the electricity towers, 300 miles away saw a plane crashing. Thinking about it made me think about my father. He also died in a plane crash. The same one. He was going to visit his sister in England, where he grew up. He moved to America when he was 18 and ready for collage. He wanted to become a doctor. He came to Florida and went to Florida State University, where he met my mom and when they were both done school, proposed. Two years later my mom got pregnant with me. Than, when I was two, my mom got pregnant with Eleanor. By the time she was born, i had been three for seven months. When she was born, my mom took of a year of her job as a fourth and fifth grade teacher and my dad kept up his job as a medical doctor. We had a good life until it changed dramatically, for the worse. My Aunt Sarah was diagnosed with leukemia. That night that my dad died, he was flying over to England for her funeral.

Okay, I need to start thinking happy thoughts. I put the album on repeat and went over to my wardrobe. I took out all of my shirts except for one that I would wear tomorrow on the plane. I put all my jeans and took out my black leggings to put with my red long sleeve sweater/ shirt with a gold mustache for tomorrow. I folded up the jeans and shirts and stuffed them into the suitcase. I opened my closet and took out sneakers, ballet flats, silver flats and just in case, my combat boots. I lobed those things. They were black with silver lines and silver laces. I put them all into m suitcase. I left out my ballet flats. I would wear them tomorrow. I went and put my brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair gel, mascara, lip gloss, blush and favorite eye shadows into my huge cosmetics case. I zipped everything up, put the cosmetics into my suitcase and closed the suitcase. I then brought my suitcase to the front door and ran to my room to get the other suitcase. I brought it to Eleanor's room and started the process all over again.

AUTHORS NOTE!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so I am sorta new to actually writing a fan fiction so if it 's not perfect don't kill me. Also this is my second time updating the first chapter so if you read it before than I added some. C ya. 
PS!! I HAVE A PET UNICORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Jealous much. Also, listen to this I met One Direction 5 times. Multiply that by 6 and add 10 then subtract 40. BE JEALOUS!!!!!!!!

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