What Happened to Them?

If you ask your mom which musical artist she liked back when she was a kid, she will most likely tense up. This is because it is most likely that she liked the band One Direction. The band that was formed in 2010 was lost in a plane crash in 2014. They say nobody made it alive. They are wrong, all five boys made it. The thing is, nobody knows.


2. The Plane Ride

I was always a bit scared of planes, but now that someone I loved died in one, I was terrified. I could tell mom was also, but El was just fine. I guess you are a bit confused. I am Jessica Marie Walter. I am fourteen and am 5'6". I weigh 114 pounds and I love to run. My hair is brown and wavy. I had braces from when I was eleven to last year, so my teeth are pretty straight. I liked to think that I was socialy okay. I mean, I wasn't the class nerd, but i definatly wasn't the most popular.  There was this boy in my class that I have been crushing in for years. He doesn't like me back. At least I don't think he does. Acedimicaly, well that was a different story. First of all, I am horrible at math and last trimester I got a C-. I guess I am much better at English because i got an A+. In science and social studies (history, whatever you want to call it) I got A-'s. I also took Spanish and I got a B. I guess my grades were okay.

"Can you help me take my bad on the plane?" Eleanor asked. What? They didn't even call our flight yet.

"They haven't even called out flight yet though." She nodded.

"I know but I thought that if you kept on daydreaming like that, I wouldn't be able to catch your attention." She said. I laughed.

"Of course I'll help you." I told her.

"Attention passengers. Flight 223 direct to Robin Hood Airport in Doncaster England will begin boarding in five minutes." A lady called with an overly cheery voice. Five minutes paassed and the cheery voice sounded over the microphone agian.

"Attention, any person with a child under three, in a weelchair or other passengers on flight 223 please come to the gate for boarding?" I nudged Mom.

"We should probably get ready to board. They are starting boarding." She got up and so did we. I took mine and El's bags and we walked towards the gate to wait for coach boarding. A few minutes and five anouncements later we heard our call.

"Will all pasengers flying in the coach cabin please come to the front gate for boarding?" We walked over. Mom showed the tickets to the lady at the front and we walked onto the jetway to get to the plane. We entered the pane and walked throught the first class cabin to our seats. Mom put El and I's bags up in the overhead compsrtment. We sat down and I put in my head phones and fell aleap.

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