What Happened to Them?

If you ask your mom which musical artist she liked back when she was a kid, she will most likely tense up. This is because it is most likely that she liked the band One Direction. The band that was formed in 2010 was lost in a plane crash in 2014. They say nobody made it alive. They are wrong, all five boys made it. The thing is, nobody knows.


3. No, Not This!


I was awaken to the sound of the frantic flight attendant calling out "Attention passengers, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign. Please return to your seats immediate-" 

Her voice was cut of by the sound of all the oxygen masks falling. I quickly put mine on. I looked over sacredly at my mother quickly put a mask on my sister. I didn't know what was going on.  

"Passengers " the flight attendant continued, "Everyone please put on your mask as shown in the safely video. If you do not remember you should pull the strap and adjust it over your mouth and nose. Remember that oxygen is flowing even if the bag doesn't inflate." 

I looked out the window. Nothing was happening, we were not going down. Maybe we were just crashing into another planet.  

"I assure you we are not crashing into another planet" my mom said. Oops, I must have said that out loud. 

The cabin light suddenly flickered.  

"Attention, this is the captain speaking. The aircraft is going to run out of gas. The workers in JFK Airport (for those of you who don't know J.F.K., it stands for John F. Kennedy and its an airport in New York, USA) must have measured the wrong amount of gas. But do not worry we have spare gasoline. We will put it in the tank and it will work for the 8 hours we have left of the flight. I'm sorry about the masks and the scare, my co-pilot accidentally pushed the button while getting up to get a sandwich." The plane laughed at that. "Please take off your masks and they will automatically go back up." He told us professionally. I sighed, took my mask off and then helped Eleanor get her's off. Once we were both settled in, I gave up on sleeping. I turned on my personal TV and looked at the movie channel. Yes! They have The Hunger Games Trilogy. Those are My favorite movies. (A/N Catching Fire, the second movie, is coming out on November 22, 2013 just in case you didn't know. Also, This Is Us (One Direction's movie is coming out August 23, 2013.) I decided to watch Catching Fire because I loved the technique used in the movie. I silently watched gasping when everyone died. The movie ended and so I went back to the home page and decided to watch the first movie in the trilogy again.

A/N In this fan fiction it is going to be taking place in 2014. One Direction and Jessica's father went missing 11 months ago in the April of 2013. So I guess since today is April 6 we can say that in the book the date is March 15, 2014.

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