Random Essays


1. It was a scene I invented .....

It was a magnificent day in August . The sun had just risen and I decided to go and walk near the beach. I had never felt at peace with nature like I did that day so I laid on the sand and just relaxed and enjoyed the view. Why did I never notice such beauty ? The seascape was picturesque. 


The sky was a mix of perfectly blended colours. The tones of the different seemed to complement each other. It was still dull but the redish sky illuminated the moment. The clouds were a shade of dark blue and the fusion of both colours created a powerful scene. Automatically my mind associated this sight with love.  I remembered about my relationship with Bjorn. Unfortunately we had hit a rough patch and I wished that it will eventually mix with all our love  and experience just like the cloud in the sky is to create a harmonious life. From behind the cloud, a bright yellow planet was emerging. It made the sky atmosphere complete.


Due to the sunrise, the islands in front of me were black ; as black as my memory was about my father. My father died when I was only four and I only remember his funeral, I barely can make out his face in my mind. Well actually yes... his pale, white ,dead face in the coffin. I'd be lying if I say that I miss him but I desired him to be part of my life, to have a strong bond with a father; with my dad.


The sea was hardly moving.. it was still.  I could feel it being a reflection of my inner peace. Seriously , I forgot everyone and everything and just thought blankly about nothing. The colour was dark blue and celeste but dense. Birds were flying on top of me as if performing lightly in the sky.  All of a sudden a noise was heard . I looked and saw five white horses running proudly on the shore,delicately splashing the water and enjoying. They were so carefree like me about five years ago. I didn't care about anyone, I just enjoyed life to the full.


A breeze could be felt but it was not too cold just chilly . The smell was that of the saline sea water which I enjoyed inhaling and exhaling purposely. My feet started to get wet since the tide started to increase slowly . It was cold.


Well of course it was. My brother was pouring water down my back. I woke up and realised that all that was a scene I invented in my dream. It sure helped me to sleep peaceful.


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