'Without the love'

When I met him , everything was perfect. We looked like a perfect couple.
Reality hurts sometimes , and I was hidding the truth from myself. He didn't love me. At least that's what it seemed. I used to think love was an honest word , but it isn't. People will use you and then dump you when they don't need you anymore.
He started it , I'll finish.


2. Chapter One.

‘’ Love doesn’t need to be perfect. It just  needs to be true. ‘’ I smiled fakely and looked at Ellen , she was smiling at the audience. I knew she was about to ask something about Harry. I was getting a lot of questions about him lately. Mostly because he admitted in public that he was dating another girl. He had broken up with me 2 months ago. We had a weird story. Made of lies of course. He never loved me. Just dated me because of my fame. Which is truly ridiculous. I am a famous actress , even though I’m just 19. I guess he needed the atention.

Ellen nodded and gave me a look. I didn’t get it , to be honest. ‘’Do you have anything to say about Harry and Sarah ? ‘’ Look expained. She was looking at me as if saying sorry. I hesitated for a moment. What should I say? Bullshit about them being happy ? I think people wouldn’t buy it. Still , I said it. ‘’ I hope they’re happy together ! ‘’ I mumbled quickly and she nodded again. ‘’ Well , ladies and gentlemans, Francesca Grali ! ‘’ She smiled at me and I stood up , waving at them. I quickly headed to my dressing room , slamming the door behind me. I was pissed now. Every single thing I did , I had to be remembered about Harry. TV , magazines , Cinema , everything.

I then heard a knock , probably from my best friends , they were going to be here today. ‘’ come in ! ‘’ I smiled at them as I saw Hannah and Sophie on the mirror.

I jumped from my chair and quickly hugged them. They didn’t seem too happy. ‘’ we need to talk Miss. ‘’ I frowned at the word ‘ Miss. ‘ What the hell was this all about ? I started getting worried. ‘’ what did I do ? ‘’ ‘’ what didn’t you do , should be the question. ‘’

‘’ I hope they’re happy together ! ‘’ Hannah imitated me. I raised na eyebrow. ‘’ Fran , you should have told the truth ! ‘’ ‘’ what truth ? I really hope they’re happy together ‘’ I lied and shrugged. I didn’t even know why I lied , I was going to be caught anyway. They both looked at me like I had just said the worse lie ever and I sighed. ‘’ Okay , I don’t. I want them to break up , I want him back. ‘’ I admitted and they started laughing like crazy idiots. ‘’ That’s our girl. ‘’

I rolled my eyes. I couldn’t just wish they broke up. I had to break Harry first. And I knew exactly how.


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